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    It Takes Two to Tango - Align Your Sales and Marketing with the HubSpot SoftwareIt takes two to tango and like the best tango dancing duos Sales and Marketing teams require communication, coordination and compatibility to get the best results for their business. Learn how you can use the HubSpot inbound marketing system to convert more traffic and prospects into leads for your sales team, and, how our closed loop lead management system and analytics can the provide marketing vital feedback from sales about the quality of leads, campaigns and traffic sources so sales and marketing can drive better results for your business.

    This free webinar will cover:

    • What is closed loop marketing and why it is important for sales and marketing success
    • How to track your site visitors from acquisition to close in HubSpot or other CRM tools such as
    • How to convert more leads and customers from your site visitors so that your Sales team loves you
    • How to optimize your sales and marketing funnel with analytics and tools from the HubSpot software

    How To Create A Sales and Marketing Love Affair With The HubSpot Software - Download the Video



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