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Zerys + HubSpot Integration Case Study

HubSpot Agency Partner Spot On streamlines their content creation process with the Zerys + HubSpot integration and helped to grow clients’ organic traffic by an average of 82%


Spot On is a Platinum Tiered HubSpot Agency Partner who works with software and healthcare companies to develop and grow their inbound marketing strategy. Spot On helps their clients strategize and create website content that results in qualified lead generation, new customers, and improved client retention.

To streamline the content creation process, Spot On looked for an efficient method of creating and approving content

Because they are passionate about inbound marketing and understand the importance of high-quality content, Spot On takes their clients’ content creation seriously. Additionally, they know that content creation is a team effort; this means that the client needs to be looped into the writing process so that they can give feedback at every stage, from topic strategy to final draft approval. However, as Spot On grew and took on more clients, it became more challenging to scale this process and keep up with increasing demand.

With more clients to manage, Spot On struggled to maintain a steady workflow for content development. They have to manage content for each of their clients simultaneously and it slows them down to switch between different tools and work environments. Additionally, the more time that was spent on generating content, although very important, meant less time for other elements of strategy they wanted to work on with clients. When Spot On launched their search for the right content development tools, they not only needed to be able to produce great content, but they needed a new system for keeping track of all their clients' assets.

The Zerys + HubSpot integration makes it easy to hire writers and review content in Zerys before pushing it to HubSpot for formatting and optimization

The Zerys + HubSpot integration was the number one option that could achieve Spot On’s goal: improving their workflow to manage client content as they scaled. Spot On can connect each one of their clients’ HubSpot portals to Zerys directly to keep the content organized. Then, they can produce content in Zerys and, when it’s ready, 1-click publishing sends the work right into HubSpot. This reduces the possible confusion and constant switching between tools that previously limited the efficiency of the team. Content creation is at the crux of Inbound; the more that Spot On can streamline the writing process, the more energy they can redirect towards their other marketing efforts.

1-click publishing from Zerys to HubSpot

Spot On has been using Zerys + HubSpot with their clients since 2012 for content creation, and their workflow has been seamless. Starting with content strategy and creation, and then review and approval, the client is looped into the entire writing process. When the content is ready to go, HubSpot makes all the final edits easy with its drag and drop templates and optimization tools so that the content looks professional and sleek on every device and browser. Within HubSpot, Spot On also tracks the performance of each page, where they can see their Zerys content winning when it comes to visits, new contacts, and customers.

The integration between Zerys and HubSpot helps us achieve our goals by providing an efficient workflow for managing client content. From creation to editing to client review/approval. Once we have the approved piece, we finish the setup in HubSpot.

Rebecca Graves

Co-founder and VP of Client Services and Strategy

Spot On

Streamlining the content creation process to reduce costs, save time, and increase traffic

Leveraging the Zerys + HubSpot integration, Spot On keeps their clients' websites full of fresh, interesting content. Visitors keep coming back to their sites, increasing the time they spend consuming content and the conversion rates surge as a result. The integration is the key to Spot On’s clients’ 82% average increase in organic traffic. Additionally, as a crucial part of the team’s daily workflow, it makes managing client’s content far more efficient for everything from creation to editing to client review and final setup in HubSpot.

While the Zerys + HubSpot integration is a success story for Spot On’s clients, it also helps Spot On lower costs. The integration reduced Spot On’s overall time spent per client by 25% and the cost spent per client by 77%. This has allowed them to invest more in their own marketing activities to grow and scale the agency. All these improvements enabled more time allotted to helping clients and turned the “content headache" into a profitable part of the agency business.