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How HubSpot Helps Manufacturers

See firsthand how HubSpot can help you grow your business.

Whether you're looking to get more out of new or existing customers and distributors—HubSpot can help.

Websites are more than a place to hold your phone number and logo… They’re your best tool to grow your business. Whether you’re selling to store-fronts, companies or through distributors, you need a way to attract people, build trust, and nurture relationships. Inbound is the lean marketing strategy to help you do just that.

HubSpot gives manufacturers the tools to improve your lead flow, build trust with prospective customers or distributors, and the means to track all that progress so ROI is crystal clear.

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Beat Other Manufacturers in Search

Choosing the right manufacturer is a large commitment with lots of options. Leverage educational and helpful content to attract prospective customers or distributors to your website over your competitors'.

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Nurture Companies, Store-Fronts, or Distributors

Not every lead you generate will be ready to sign, you need to build trust with your prospects all along your sales cycle. Leverage automation to follow-up and nurture leads after trade shows or product sheet/white paper downloads.

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Segment and Track All of Your Personas

Store all your data in one place to make it easy to understand the full lifecycle and every touch-point of a prospective customer or distributor. Easily segment messaging by persona (distributors vs. store-fronts) or by SKU of interest.

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Make Up/Cross-sell Simple

Up-cross sell your current customer or distribution base on new products or SKUs with ease using segmented lists, trigger-based emails, and our seamless CRM integrations.

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ruthie abraham
In HeatTrak’s commercial B2B business division we are finding that by providing high level content for the prospect to consume they come to trust the HeatTrak brand, and they know that we understand their needs. It helps us build rapport with them and we are seeing a direct correlation to transactions and new customers.

Ruthie Abraham

President of The Brand Builders


Stefania Brentaroli Viessmann
Thanks to the HubSpot Marketing Platform, we now have a way to truly understand the customer’s journey.

Stefania Brentaroli

Marketing Manager


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