App Partner Program Marketing Resources

Helping App Partners Grow Better

The Platform Marketing team has put together these resources to help app partners market and grow their integrations.
Just joined the App Partner Program? Kickstart your installs with press release templates, branding guidelines, and launching your integration resources. Seeking inspiration to grow better through the App Partner Program? Check out resources focussed on growing your install base and working with HubSpot agencies and startups.

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Press Release Templates

Just became a beta integrator or passed an integration through certification? Let the world know. Start by downloading our press release templates below.

If you are planning to distribute a press release, we require you to submit your release for official review. Please allow 7-10 business days for HubSpot to approve and/or provide edits. Review instructions are included in the templates.

Please note: These templates are to use for your distribution of a press release. HubSpot does not distribute a press release.

Press Release Template for Listed Apps

Use this template to draft a press release when you join as a Listed Integrator.


Press Release Template for Certified Apps

Use this template to draft a press release when you become an app partner with a certified integration.


Branding Guidelines and Assets

Please make sure you follow the guidelines below when referring to our partnership, the integration, or using HubSpot branded materials.

App Partner Program Branding Guidelines

Reference this page whenever you're referring to your integration, referencing your relationship to HubSpot, using HubSpot branding assets, or running an AdWords PPC campaign for your integration. Also included here are official App Partner Program logos.

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HubSpot Branding Guidelines

This is the hub for all brand guidelines, usages, and assets for HubSpot. This page makes it as easy as possible for you to deliver on-brand designs while respecting our brand and legal/licensing restrictions.

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Launching Your Integration

If you are launching a new integration or new features, check out these resources for how to make the biggest impact with your announcement.

  1. what-is-a-buyer-persona

    Product Positioning Secrets: How to Get HubSpot Users Excited About Your Integration

    Get tips on how to position your integration from the product marketing experts at HubSpot.

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  2. sg-defaults_doge.png

    Launching, Re-Launching, and Co-Launching, "Oh My!"

    Wondering what goes into a HubSpot app partner integration launch? See the details here and how you can set your integration up for success.

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  3. Creating an Integration Strategy That Goes Beyond the HubSpot Playbook

    The most successful integration launches are a collaboration. HubSpot's product marketing team walks you through what you can do to support the launch of your integration, and how you can make any product launch successfull.

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  4. Product Positioning Template

    Utilize this positioning template to create a compelling product narrative for your integration. Modeled after the process HubSpot's product marketing team uses to position our products, you can copy the same template and use it for your company.

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Growing Your Install Base

Get inspired by these resources from HubSpot experts and your fellow integrators on how to be successful in HubSpot's App Partner Program.

  1. sg-defaults_garden.png

    Remarkable Marketing: App Partner Campaigns to Inspire Growth

    Looking for ways to promote your integration beyond App Partner Program benefits? Get inspired by how your fellow app partners successfully launched unique marketing campaigns to increase adoption.

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  2. sg-defaults_doge.png

    Leveraging App Partner Program Benefits to Grow Better

    Wondering which App Partner Program benefit is right for you? Learn more about the benefits we offer to partners and how they can benefit your integration from awareness to install.

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  3. Co-Marketing with HubSpot

    Learn how you can leverage co-marketing with HubSpot, one of our App Partner Program benefits.

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Working with HubSpot Solutions Partners and Startups

Interested in working with HubSpot for Startups or HubSpot's Solutions Partner Program? Check out these resources below for how to be successful with these audiences.

  1. Lucky_Orange+Agencies

    From App Partner Lucky Orange: How to be Successful With Agencies

    Listen to this advice from Lucky Orange on working with agencies, growing your company, and redefining success in Apps for Agency Services. Find the secret to getting in front of agencies, empathizing through their business pain points, and enhancing your product to help these agencies become their clients’ heroes!

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  2. sg-defaults_doge.png

    How to Work With Startups

    Have you heard about HubSpot for Startups? Learn more about this growing community and audience so you can tap into this growing audience with a startup friendly offer.

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  3. How to Work With Solutions Partners

    Learn more about HubSpot's Solutions Partner Program and how we see app and solutions partners working with each other to grow.

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