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Ecosystem ROI

OrgChartHub Goes All in on HubSpot Partnership and Sees Incredible Results

OrgChartHub chose to exclusively build their apps for HubSpot. Their well-designed in-app experiences quickly created a strong fanbase. They have leveraged HubSpot’s community and go-to-market teams to acquire new customers, build brand equity, and drive more active installs for their apps.
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Grow with HubSpot

Intrapreneurs to Entrepreneurs: The Story of OrgChartHub

OrgChartHub's story started in 2016 when co-founders Daniel and Austin worked for an early stage, event tech company. They used HubSpot for their marketing and sales activities and both Daniel and Austin fell in love with the product and quickly became power users. 

They both looked for ways to improve their work inside of HubSpot. As Head of Account Management, Daniel's team was responsible for retention and expansion of their customers, the majority of which were large enterprises like IBM and Sony.

When working with these large enterprises, Daniel and Austin quickly recognized that these organizations are very complex. The buying committees at these types of companies have a high number of diverse stakeholders and understanding the structure of those businesses was critical to managing these accounts successfully. 

To easily understand these relationships, they mapped out all the key decision makers in a powerpoint. Using these visuals was frustrating, though, as they lived outside of HubSpot and required sales and customer success managers to toggle back and forth between HubSpot and powerpoint slides. 

Enter HubSpot CRM Cards. In 2018, HubSpot released a new CRM card functionality, which allows for information from other systems to programmatically appear on a card on the HubSpot Contact, Company, Deal, or Ticket record. 

Austin realized that they could use this new extensibility to build org chart software that worked from inside of HubSpot. This would offer a more usable solution to their team as sales and customer success managers could identify the key stakeholders on their accounts without having to leave HubSpot. 

Full Steam Ahead on OrgChartHub

The first iteration of OrgChartHub was built for internal use only, and it worked well for Austin and Daniel's team at their company. From talking to other sales and CSM teams, they realized other companies who sold to and serviced enterprises would find value in the tool. They decided it was time to offer their solution to the rest of the HubSpot community. 

They got to work on a version of OrgChartHub that could be used by other HubSpot customers, and launched in HubSpot's marketplace in May 2018. 

The app was well received by HubSpot customers. One user left a review describing OrgChartHub as a "great reason to buy HubSpot and it being the app that convinced us to go with HubSpot over the competing solution." 

Due to the app's popularity, Daniel and Austin were able to leave their jobs in 2019 and fully focus on a solution that was solely built for HubSpot customers. 

Complete HubSpot Investment

Co-founder Daniel Currin states, "The biggest investment anyone can make is their time and full attention when becoming an app partner with HubSpot. We left our jobs in 2019 to build software solely for the HubSpot community and platform. 

This focus helps to create very tightly integrated products that enable HubSpot users to get more value without ever needing to leave HubSpot. HubSpot is where they are working and our built-for-HubSpot apps makes it possible for them to stay in the interface. This means they are more efficient while also being able to do their jobs better." 

As long time customers and builders for HubSpot, OrgChartHub became active members of the HubSpot community. This led to collaboration with many of HubSpot's teams. For example, OrgChartHub wrote a piece on account planning for the HubSpot Sales blog. 

Daniel and Austin also participated in HubSpot's internal Integration Town Hall where they showcased OrgChartHub's functionality to HubSpot's go-to-market teams. 

OrgChartHub further leveraged the HubSpot ecosystem by working with HubSpot Solutions Partners. This enables solutions partners and OrgChartHub to better help their joint customers be successful. Doubling down on these ecosystem relationships has resulted in Austin and Daniel acquiring new customers and users while also learning from solutions partners. 

Last but certainly not least, Daniel and Austin work closely with the App Partner Team at HubSpot. Their app partner manager helps them identify both go-to-market opportunities and ways to make their app experience even better for HubSpot customers. 

OrgChartHub's Accomplishments 

In 2023, OrgChartHub has over 4,500+ active installs, has grown their OrgChartHub customer base by 110% over 2022, and is still growing in HubSpot's app marketplace. The rapid growth Daniel and Austin experienced in the early days of OrgChartHub led them to build a second app complementary to OrgChartHub called GeoMapper, which they launched in 2020.

Similar to OrgChartHub, GeoMapper allows HubSpot users to see customers and prospects by location. Users can use this data to reference nearby customers, plan business trips, drive attendance, and run geo-marketing campaigns. Today, GeoMapper has over 4,000 active installs. 

In order to continue to meet the highest standards of quality and build trust with more HubSpot users and customers, Daniel and Austin got both of their apps certified. The success of both OrgChartHub and GeoMapper proved to Austin and Daniel that their business could thrive by building exclusively for HubSpot. 

"We thought building very specific applications for exactly where the customer is already working was a good idea, but how well that works in the HubSpot App ecosystem still surprised us!"

Austin Birch, Co-founder, OrgChartHub/GeoMapper

Overall, OrgChartHub and GeoMapper's small but mighty team demonstrate that being successful in HubSpot's ecosystem does not necessarily require a large employee headcount or an abundance of resources. Staying focused on building for specific use cases and creating a powerful in-app experience is enough to propel the success of OrgChartHub and GeoMapper.

"Every customer they won was an important customer to them, so they were making sure those customers were successful. They took that same sort of approach to our channel ecosystem, building relationships with our leading agencies. They put a ton of work into it but now they are reaping the benefit of doing that."

Scott Brinker, VP Platform Partnerships, HubSpot


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Advice for Success

OrgChartHub's Tips for Winning in the HubSpot Ecosystem


Not all integrations are built equally

If you are going to take the time to be part of the HubSpot ecosystem, don't go shallow with your integration. HubSpot makes it possible to go deep. Go deep for the good of the customer. By investing in your integration, you can unlock so many more opportunities with HubSpot users and customers, which in turn solves for them and can boost your growth. 


Get involved and be active

The HubSpot community has a special group of people within it. Go to INBOUND, speak with HubSpot Solutions Partners, be helpful and respectful.

Make a list of who you have engaged with online, and message people ahead of the event so they know you're attending. Be flexible when you're there in order to meet everyone, even if it means missing scheduled talks. 


Mirror the HubSpot buying journey

Take your cues from how HubSpot markets and sells to customers.

For OrgChartHub, that means: making sure they have a very generous freemium offering, that they've aligned their pricing with HubSpot customers' expectations, that they use the same language as HubSpot in their marketing communications, and they are always ready to help customers and match HubSpot's level of support (even if they are on their free tier).

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Without HubSpot, OrgChartHub and GeoMapper would not exist! There’s a lot to be said for building niche products on top of a platform, especially one with the reach that HubSpot has. By providing solutions specifically for HubSpot we can allow the customers to keep working in the place they already work - HubSpot. This provides a big win for the customer and the platform. There’s been a lot of benefits to being an App Partner with HubSpot, especially working with the App Partner team which allows us to get great insights and helps identify opportunities for us.

Austin Birch


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Join the HubSpot App Partner Program

The IDC estimates app partners will earn $6.1 billion in the HubSpot ecosystem in 2025. There is no better time to become a HubSpot app partner. You can read more about our partner program or reach out to the app partner team with any questions.