HubSpot Sales Hub

For Marketing Leaders

HubSpot offers an enterprise sales platform that will automate your sales process, surface valuable intel on prospects, and create a leads database automatically. HubSpot Sales Hub lets your sales team do what they do best -- connect with prospects -- easily and without the hassle of complicated software.

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    The Sales Hub Difference

    As a marketing leader, your biggest challenge is likely growth. In fact, 38% of marketing leaders identify growth as their number one goal for the year.As marketing organizations rely more and more on data and a strong connection between Sales and Marketing, a software that links the two teams is essential for growing faster than your competition. HubSpot’s built-in tools focus on making it simple to identify the people who are most likely to get value from and purchase your product, and routes them to the right sales rep, at the right time. HubSpot Sales Hub even allows Marketers to take control of email communications on behalf of Sales so the content experts can ensure a consistent, compelling message goes to all of your prospects.

Key Sales Hub Features

Lead Generation

Identify high quality leads through marketing automation and pass to sales at the right time.


Out of the box and custom reports will help you find your best lead sources and double-down on what's working.

Eliminate Manual Entry

Automatically log contact info, clicks, email opens, and sales activities in one consistent database shared by sales and marketing.

Sales Automation

Schedule individual emails on behalf of sales, or automate emails with sequences. Rotate leads, and score prospects to seamlessly hand-off warm leads.

Connect with Prospects
Connect with Prospects

Allow prospects to show interest and book time with sales using live chat, and create custom meeting links for each sales person to eliminate the hassle of back-and-forth scheduling.


Integrate Sales Hub with all the applications you, and your team use to generate leads and close deals. Sales Hub has a two-way sync with Salesforce, and hundreds of other third-party integrations.

By using HubSpot, we were able to increase our awareness, better nurture our prospects, and delight our customers. We generated 50% more leads using HubSpot and inbound marketing activities.
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The Value of Sales Hub

Sales and Marketing Alignment

HubSpot Sales creates a space for both teams to work side by side. One contact timeline shows how the lead was generated, activities they complete on your website, and sales activities like calls and emails. HubSpot automatically creates a detailed contact and activity record— no manual entry needed.

Sales Enablement

Marketers can create and update email templates and sequences of emails for salespeople to follow up with prospects using the most up-to-date information on your company. Pre-made sequences and automatic lead scoring and rotating will create a faster sales cycle, targeting prospects exactly when they’re ready to talk.

Better Customer Experience

With real-time updates and collaboration using the HubSpot software, your customers and prospects will have a better experience with your company, without double-calling, calling at the wrong time in a prospect's lifecycle, and missing out on prospects ready and waiting to speak with a salesperson. 

Single Source of Truth

With HubSpot’s all-in-one platform, your Marketing, Sales, and Services departments all operate smoothly under one roof making it much easier to streamline your processes, identify gaps in your strategy, and forecast revenue growth. With robust reporting, you can quickly identify problems so you can spend more time growing your business, and less time trying to manipulate data in Excel spreadsheets.

Start Growing With HubSpot Today

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