HubSpot Sales Hub

For Sales Leaders

HubSpot offers an enterprise sales platform that will streamline your sales process, surface valuable intel on prospects, and provide a single source of truth for your business. HubSpot Sales Hub lets your sales team do what they do best -- connect with prospects -- easily and without the hassle of complicated software.

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    The Sales Hub Difference

    The biggest challenges modern sales leaders face are lead quality and quantity, prospecting, and pipeline management. HubSpot’s all-in-one sales automation software enables sales teams to work alongside marketing to grow exponentially. HubSpot for Sales  includes features like pipeline management, lead scoring, email templates and pre-scheduled sequences. It automatically tracks all activities in a single contact timeline, and notifies salespeople when it’s time to take action. HubSpot enables and empowers you to work in collaboration with your marketing team to build an effective, automated pipeline, that also offers the best possible experience for your prospects.

Key Sales Hub Features

Lead Generation

Identify your most qualified leads or even leads that had gone cold and since reactivated, and get them to the right sales rep at the right time

Sales Automation

Schedule individual emails, or tee up a series of emails and follow up tasks with sequences. Automate lead assignment, task creation, and more to keep deals moving forward. 

Eliminate Manual Entry

Automatically log contact info, clicks, email opens, and sales activities in the contact record

Pipeline Management

Track pipeline progression from start to finish and identify causes of won and lost revenue.


Integrate Sales Hub with all the applications you and your team use to close deals. Sales Hub has a two-way sync with Salesforce, and hundreds of other third-party integrations, including an integration with LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

Detailed Reporting

Out of the box and custom reports will give you the granularity you need to coach your reps as well as the big picture data to grow the business. Bridge Sales and Marketing by identifying top lead sources.

After 12 months of using Sales Hub, we saw revenue grow 6X, our sales cycle shortened from 9 months to 4 weeks, and we grew headcount by 5.
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The Value of Sales Hub

Sales and Marketing Alignment

Sales Hub creates a space for both teams to easily work side-by-side. With better reporting and data on your prospects and marketing activities, you'll receive better quality leads and book more meetings with interested potential buyers.

Sales Enablement

Marketers can create and update email templates and sequences of emails for salespeople to follow-up with prospects using the most up-to-date information on your company. Salespeople can also track document opens in emails and website activities as well as set-up custom alters. Quickly arm your sales team with the information they need when they need it.

Better Customer Experience

With real-time updates and collaboration using the HubSpot software, your customers and prospects will have a better experience with your company, without double-calling, calling at the wrong time in a prospect's lifecycle, and missing out on prospects ready and waiting to speak with a salesperson.

Single Source of Truth

With HubSpot's all-in-one platform, your Marketing, Sales, and Services departments all operate smooth under one roof making it much easier to streamline your process, identify gaps in your strategy, and forecast revenue growth. With robust reporting, you can quickly identify problems so you can spend more time growing your business, and less time trying to manipulate data in Excel spreadsheets.

Start Growing With HubSpot Today

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