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Content Embed

Create personalized experiences for your website visitors using content embeds to publish HubSpot-built content to your WordPress site.

  • Use HubSpot’s no-code design features to build content for your WordPress site

  • Personalize each user’s experience with dynamic content blocks

  • Redesign your website without complex rebuilds or migrations

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Use embeddable content to deliver personalized web experiences.

Many businesses have WordPress sites that lack flexibility and ease of use to deliver delightful content experiences, but migrating or rebuilding a website can be overwhelming and costly. HubSpot's content embeds offer a solution to these challenges.

With content embeds, you can create and customize your content in HubSpot and seamlessly integrate it into your WordPress site without coding or design expertise. With dynamic content blocks and a variety of modules, you can now easily leverage the power of HubSpot's content creation capabilities right within your WordPress site. Say hello to a more flexible and personalized content experience, powered by HubSpot's content embeds.    

  1. Revamp your website without rebuilding or migrating it.

    It's not common to hear someone saying, 'What a great time to rebuild our entire website.' The truth is, even when your website or CMS platform is not meeting your expectations or your customer's needs, it can be incredibly daunting to consider the cost and time required to retool or migrate it. Use HubSpot's content embeds to bridge the gap between the experience your customers expect and the experience your current CMS platform delivers. By using content embeds, you can create engaging, dynamic content blocks in HubSpot and integrate them into your WordPress site, without having to rip and replace what you already have.
  2. Treat visitors like people, not personas.

    Create authentic connections and enhance visitor experiences by delivering personalized content that treats them as individuals, not just personas. Integrate HubSpot's smart content into your WordPress site using content embeds, leveraging CRM data to offer tailored product recommendations, lead forms, targeted messaging, and exclusive offers.
  3. Breeze through dev and design bottlenecks.

    As your business grows online, it's possible for developers to unintentionally become the sole gatekeepers for publishing content. This can lead to an overload of work and a decrease in content productivity. With HubSpot content embeds, anyone can create and embed content easily, regardless of their technical expertise.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Embeddable content in HubSpot refers to fragments of static or interactive content that you can create and manage on one platform and publish on another. With content embed software, you have the flexibility to enrich your online presence by easily incorporating various elements such as CRM-based adaptive content, targeted messaging, videos, forms, surveys, and more.

  • Content embeds allow you to integrate HubSpot smart content into your WordPress website. Smart content blocks deliver different experiences depending on a visitor’s CRM data. For example, you could create embeddable smart content that gives visitors from a larger company more upmarket messaging and surfaces small-business-friendly content to those coming from a smaller business.

  • Tracking the performance of your content is easy with HubSpot. By using content embeds, you establish a two-way connection between your HubSpot account and the third-party platform where you embed the content. This connection automatically tracks performance metrics, such as clickthroughs and form fills, within HubSpot when users interact with the embedded content. Additionally, this seamless integration allows you to easily record contact and company information in your HubSpot Smart CRM, even when these interactions take place on another platform.