Partner Program
Agency Onboarding

Setting your Agency up for Success with Inbound

What is Agency Onboarding?

Agency Onboarding delivers an experience that is responsive to your agency’s needs and provides a powerful set of resources to help drive your success using HubSpot and Inbound Marketing. Your Channel Consultant and Channel Account Manager will collaborate with you to ensure you have the knowledge, skills and tools to execute inbound services for your clients.

Channel Consultant

Your Channel Consultant (CC) is here to help you develop your Inbound Services retainer and help you execute your first Inbound campaigns for clients.

Channel Account Manager

Your Channel Account Manager (CAM) is here to help plan for and sell new Inbound marketing retainer clients and create a sustainable sales growth strategy.

What do my first 6-months as a Partner look like?

Month 1
Creating a Successful Start

We want to set you up to sell and close your first Inbound Retainer! First we want to nail down the inbound services you want to offer, and review the retainer building tool.

  • Get Inbound Certified
  • Build out your Inbound service offerings
  • Create a landing page for your Inbound Services offering
  • Review registered leads and learn how to complete a goal setting and assessment with clients
  • Learn best practices for reselling

Month 2
Creating a Retainer & Inbound Sales Training

Now that you have the basics covered, start focusing on selling your first Inbound Retainer.

  • Complete Inbound Sales Certification
  • Define your agency retainer pricing with your Channel Account Manager
  • Create agency client persona with your channel consultant
  • Engage any existing contacts through email to let them know about your Inbound Service offerings
  • Define your onboarding process and learn how to complete a client content audit with your Channel Consultant

Months 3&4
Launch an Inbound Campaign

Learn how to deliver outstanding inbound campaigns while you continue to grow your list of prospects and Inbound clients.

  • Get HubSpot Certified
  • Close your first deal!
  • Learn how to create a strategy plan for your clients and launch your first Inbound campaign with your Channel Consultant
  • Continue to build your lead pipeline with your Channel Account Manager
  • Conduct 90 day progress call with Channel Consultant and Channel Account Manager

Months 5&6
Become a Certified Partner

Congrats, we’re getting close to wrapping up the Agency Onboarding! Let’s wrap up these last steps:

  • Complete Partner Certification
  • Work with your channel consultant to learn how to deliver and demonstrate value to clients quarterly
  • Review ongoing client campaigns, map out next steps with Channel Consultant to drive success
  • Complete ongoing monthly pipeline reviews with Channel Account Manager
  • Complete 180 day progress call with your Channel Consultant and Channel Account Manager

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