Grow Better with Artificial Intelligence

AI is more than science fiction. How can you harness its power to create great experiences for your customers?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the idea that we can program computers to perform tasks that normally require human intelligence. That's an incredible idea, in theory. But what does it actually look like in practice, for marketing, sales, and service leaders?

Lots of companies paint rosy pictures of AI using buzzwords and hyperbole. But let's be clear: artificial intelligence is not magic. You don’t get an Albert Einstein to teach you how to do your job, build your website, and close your enterprise deals.

AI is not a genius. It's more like... a super reliable intern. It’s fast, consistent, and never complains. AI isn't magic. It's manageable, practical, and valuable.

Here are some ways we've built AI into HubSpot's product:

Data cleanliness.

HubSpot AI helps marketing, sales, and service teams keep their databases clean, so they can spend their time with their customers (not cleaning up messy data).

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    Business Card Scanner

    Turn your business cards into CRM contacts instantly. The HubSpot mobile app uses artificial intelligence to pick out the first name, last name, email address, and more, and map them to your HubSpot properties.


Duplicate data stinks. We built a tool that finds duplicate contacts and companies for you and makes it easy to merge them. Plus, it uses artificial intelligence to catch things other duplicate tools miss like typos, nicknames, and abbreviation. It even works on for large databases of millions of records.

Easy imports

Ever notice how—when you import contacts into HubSpot—your account automatically knows which columns in your spreadsheet are associated with which properties in your database? You guessed it: AI powers that mapping process too. Easy mapping makes sure that the right data is saved in the right place

Automatic call recording and transcription

Automatic email data capture

Automatically capture valuable contact information like names, job titles, phone numbers, and addresses from your leads and prospects. Enable powerful segmentation, routing, and reporting by things like job title and address through automated capture of your lead’s most important details.

CRM enrichment

Identify key companies with industry, location, size, revenue, and other data points, automatically added to your CRM with HubSpot Insights.

Live chat name recognition

Make live chat data hygiene easy by automatically gathering contact information like names from your live chat messages. Everything is updated in the HubSpot CRM with no need to integrate anything, so your marketing, sales, and service teams are always on the same page.

  • HubSpot has really helped us take [duplicate data] out and just customize our communication to better suit our customers.
  • As a sales trainer and new hire manager, Hubspot's call recording and transcription features are a god send. They make my life easier, and make my day more efficient.

    Warren Caracciolo

    New Hire Sales Manager


  • As with any organization doing sales, having to input data manually takes a lot of time and has a high risk of errors. HubSpot's automatic email data capture fills in fields like name and job title automatically. It's amazing.

    Elisabeth Norberg

    Commercial Analyst


Content optimization.

HubSpot AI makes it easy to optimize content at scale, to increase conversions and create more relevant customer experiences.

  1. Adaptive

    Adaptive Testing

    Let’s say you test four variations of a page. With adaptive testing, traffic is split evenly between page variations at first. As HubSpot learns how these variations are performing, we adjust the traffic automatically, so that better-performing variations are shown more and poorer-performing variations are shown less.

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    SEO suggestions

    The HubSpot SEO tool helps you plan your SEO strategy, optimize your content, and measure your search success. With the help of AI, the tool scans your website automatically and brainstorms a set of topics for you to write about—no input required. Then, as you’re brainstorming additional topics, the tool will provide additional recommendations for related content.


Want to learn more about how HubSpot and AI can go to work for your business?

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