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Unlock Your Growth Potential Using HubSpot's New AI Tools

Artificial intelligence is revolutionizing how business is done, and HubSpot is here to help. Harness the power of AI with our new content assistant and ChatSpot tools, designed to streamline your day-to-day and help your business grow better.

Customer giving HubSpot's content assistant tool a command to create a blog outline for him

Private Beta

Content Assistant

Create AI-powered content, all in one place.
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Content is key to driving visitors, leads, and revenue, but creating content is time- and resource-intensive. HubSpot’s AI content assistant utilizes OpenAI's GPT model to help anyone on your team ideate, create, and share content in a flash.

Content assistant tools natively integrate with the HubSpot products you know and love, allowing you to toggle between manual and AI content creation to generate copy for blog posts, landing pages, marketing emails, and more. No more writer's block, switching between different tools, or learning new ones.

Here are some examples of how the HubSpot content assistant can help power your content.

Get blog ideas

Generate a list of blog topic ideas for web design studios.

Create blog outlines

Create an outline for a blog post about how to automate your marketing efforts with AI.

Generate paragraphs

Describe the advantages of a 401(k) plan.

Write prospecting emails

Draft a short prospecting email about sales automation software.

Amplify your ideas

Turn the following phrase into a paragraph — “Keeping a consistent brand image is important …”

Create marketing emails

Write a marketing email offering a promotional 10% discount on design services.

Public Alpha


Get tasks done faster using AI-powered, chat-based commands.

ChatSpot is a conversational CRM bot that sales, marketing, and service professionals can connect to HubSpot to maximize their productivity. With chat-based commands, you can accomplish everything you already do in HubSpot — even faster.

Need to create a new contact on the fly? Skip manual data entry and let ChatSpot do it for you. Ask ChatSpot to send follow-up emails, pull reports, create new segments, and more. 

Here are a few ways you could use ChatSpot with HubSpot to supercharge your productivity. 


"Draft a follow-up thank-you email for Mary Doe."

Quick status updates

"How many contacts do I have assigned to me?"

Lead management

"Add contact mdoe@example.com with note, ‘will be in Boston next week.'"


"Find SaaS companies in California with more than 1,000 employees."


"Show me a monthly summary of web visits for last year."


"List the deals closing this month with stage and forecasted revenue."

Use AI for Your Business With These HubSpot Features

HubSpot's new tools join these existing AI features to help you boost productivity and save time.

Data cleansing

Minimize manual data maintenance using AI to deduplicate, log, and enrich contact and company information. 

Email data capture

Log and segment valuable email contact information while minimizing manual data entry and human error. 

Call recording & transcription

Automatically capture and transcribe conversations, so you have the context you need to close deals faster. 

SEO suggestions

Perfect your content strategy with SEO tools that scan your website and automatically surface opportunities for optimization. 

Adaptive testing

Harness machine learning to automatically optimize traffic distribution when testing different variations of a page. 

Easy imports

Seamlessly import contact and company information from spreadsheets as AI maps each cell to the most relevant CRM property. 

Work smarter, not harder, using AI

Join our waitlists to get early access to content assistant and ChatSpot.

Frequently Asked Questions

Content assistant and ChatSpot are new AI-powered tools to supercharge your productivity in HubSpot. 

The content assistant tool works with HubSpot’s existing content marketing tools. They allow you to use AI to generate and share content within the HubSpot ecosystem you already use — without having to copy-paste content from one platform to another. With content assistant, anyone on your team can draft emails, blog posts, and social copy (coming soon) in minutes instead of hours.

ChatSpot.ai is an OpenAI GPT-3- and Dall-E-powered app that you can choose to integrate with your HubSpot CRM. Once integrated, you can use ChatSpot’s conversational AI to accomplish various CRM-related tasks such as sending follow-up emails, surfacing “not contacted” leads, and viewing deal status within seconds. ChatSpot makes CRM data easily accessible to sales, marketing, growth, and service professionals — giving your entire organization the power to make better decisions faster. 

Content assistant features and ChatSpot will be available for free once it’s in general release, with additional features included in premium HubSpot plans. 

Once you get access to the private beta, you can use the tools by navigating to the text editor within HubSpot’s blog, landing pages, website pages, marketing email, or knowledge base products. 

Type "/" to get started with slash commands within HubSpot's blog, landing pages, and website pages. Alternatively, edit knowledge base, web page, landing page, blog, or marketing email copy by highlighting the text you want to change and letting content assistant surface suggestions for you. 

You can also download the HubSpot Sales Chrome extension to generate sales email copy using AI. When you're done polishing the message, you can send it to your contacts' Gmail accounts directly within the extension. 

In private beta, HubSpot's content assistant AI tools will give users the ability to:

  • Generate sales and marketing email, blog, knowledge base, web page, and landing page copy, with social media copy generation coming soon.
  • Rewrite and repurpose existing text blocks.
  • Outline long-form content such as whitepapers and ebooks.
  • Brainstorm topic ideas.