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Commercial Invoice Template for Excel, PDF

Use this commercial invoice template for the successful delivery of commercial goods.

    Download Free Template

    Available for Excel & PDF

    Template Highlights

    • Add contact information for the shipper and recipient
    • Note the country of origin, country of manufacture, and ultimate destination
    • Describe the products being shipped, including their SKU, weight, packaging type, quantity, and unit price. Good news: the total will calculate automatically
    • Specify discounts, taxes, and shipping & handling costs
    • Download it as a PDF or Excel file
    • Print it, email it, go around the world with it

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Commercial invoices help customs determine duties and taxes. The supplier provides one when they're transporting goods across an international border. The invoice should detail what's being sold and the value.

    As free as can be. Once you’ve entered your contact information, you can instantly download this template (along with all the other templates in this collection!). That’s it.

    You sure can. The entire template is editable -- from the title and text to the colors and font.