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Contingency Plan for Word, Google Docs

Use this contingency plan template to communicate risk, prevention, and mitigation measures in your company.

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    Available for Word & Google Docs

    Template Highlights

    • Identify events that could put your business operations at risk and determine prevention and mitigation measures.
    • Access this contingency plan template in Google Docs or Word.
    • Focus your company's resources on preventing and mitigating the risks that are most likely to occur.
    • Plan out measures of prevention based on your risk analysis.
    • Share this document with company leadership easily.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    A contingency plan is a document that explains how a company will proceed in the event of a high-risk situation.

    To make a contingency plan, investigate potential risks and threats that may affect your business. Classify potential risks by probability of occurrence and determine the actions necessary to prevent and mitigate those risks. Finally, share the plan with all departments of your company.

    Yes! You can adapt it to the needs of your company.

    Yes, the template is completely free.