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Job Profile for Word, Google Docs

Enhance your hiring and talent onboarding processes with this job description template.

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    Available for Word & Google Docs

    Template Highlights

    • Use the template in Word format or access it through Google Docs.
    • Help your employees develop their skills from day one by providing precise information about the position they will hold in the company.
    • Add more value to the onboarding process in your company by using the job description format.
    • Use the template in the format of your choice or share it with the human resources department via email.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    A job description format is a document in which a company publishes the characteristics and requirements of a job position. It includes the job title, application requirements, level of responsibility within the company, and other relevant characteristics. It is intended for job applicants and usually contains descriptive or technical information about the tasks related to the position.

    Thoroughly analyze the role for which you are seeking to make a hire. Provide basic information such as the job title, department, area, schedule, salary, etc. Then, specify the main duties and requirements, as well as aspects of the work environment, competencies, skills, and expectations. Keep in mind that the more details you offer in this document, the easier it will be to find the perfect candidate.

    Yes, the template is editable.

    Absolutely, it is completely free.