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Sheet for Google Docs, Google Sheets, Word, Excel

Record visits, exchanges, and meetups across your business with a free sign-in sheet template.

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    Available for Google Docs & Google Sheets & Word & Excel

    Template Highlights

    • The template is available for download in Excel and Microsoft Word or accessible in Google Sheets and Google Docs.
    • Provides a user-friendly sign-in sheet format for efficient tracking of date, location, name, contact information, company, and time.
    • What's even better is that the sign-in sheet is entirely customizable, allowing you to adjust any of the fields to match the specific information needed for your event.


    What is a sign-in sheet?

    A sign-in sheet is a document businesses use to record information on individuals who attend a particular event, enter a specific facility, or participate in an activity. It usually includes fields for people to enter their name, time of visit, contact information, and signature. 

    Importance of a sign-in sheet

    Since a sign-in sheet records individuals interacting with your business, it’s critical for various business-related tasks. In particular, a sign-in sheet helps with:


    A sign-in sheet helps you track office visits, workshop attendance, and meeting participants, which can be invaluable for boosting on-site security, planning future events, and collaborating across teams.

    Information gathering

    You can add or remove fields in your sign-in sheet template as per your needs to gather the required information from individuals. 

    For example, you can collect valuable details, such as emails, phone numbers, and location, from conference participants to offer a valuable after-event experience.

    Customer nurturing

    If you interact with your prospects in person at events, conferences, or exhibits, a sign-in sheet can help those leads find their way down the sales pipeline. 

    Besides asking for their contact information, you can also include fields for their marketing preferences — if they would like helpful tips, top industry news, or expert-recommended products in their inboxes.

    Contents of a sign-in sheet

    While you can customize a sign-in sheet according to your requirements, common fields include:

    • Name: The individual's name is the most important information on the sign-in sheet.
    • Date: The date is typically mentioned on the top right if you prepare a daily sign-in sheet. Otherwise, you can have a separate field for the date.
    • Time: If you’re recording the comings and goings of individuals, you can have two columns for Time in and Time out.
    • Contact information: If you deal with people external to the company, you may collect their phone numbers. Plus, you can ask for their email address or office location.
    • Signature: Let individuals sign their entry to confirm the accuracy of the information they provided.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    You can make a sign-in sheet for any purpose using HubSpot’s free sign-in sheet template:

    1. Download HubSpot’s sign-in sheet template for Microsoft Word or Excel. 
    2. Customize it by adding or removing columns. 
    3. Print the edited sign-in sheet.

    Yes, Word has sign-in sheet templates for student detention and event planning. That said, if you’re looking for a free sign-in sheet template for businesses, download our template above.

    To create this document in Microsoft Excel, download HubSpot’s free sign-in sheet template for Excel and customize it as per your business’s needs by adding or removing columns.