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PRECISION Successfully Migrates to HubSpot and Achieves Better Marketing, Sales, and Services Results

PRECISION experienced a major change when they started using an integral platform, where they gathered all the data they needed to deliver the best marketing, sales, and service experiences.

  • Enhanced follow-up on prospects

  • Increased customer service quality level


PRECISION is a company with an extensive experience - spanning over eight decades - connecting businesses with state-of-the-art technology. It specializes in industrial processes automation, industry connection, electrical rooms, control and power systems, laboratory instrumentation, information technology, and Industry 4.0. They're present in Chile, Peru, and Ecuador.


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    Transforming Industrial Processes Using High-Tech Solutions

    PRECISION is a company with more than 650 employees, and presence in Peru, Chile, and Ecuador. They focus on connecting businesses with high-tech equipment manufacturers to make industrial processes more efficient, reliable, and productive. For example, they provide artificial intelligence solutions that have the capacity to anticipate any possible malfunction. Beyond this, they provide their customers support along the whole supply chain.

    “We strive to be the perfect partner for businesses, and we achieve this by selling products, solutions, and services. We represent the top brands, distribute products, and also have a dedicated engineering team to develop custom solutions for our customers.”

    Alejandro Opazo, Digital Transformation Director at PRECISION.


    An Integral Platform for Better Management 

    The challenges PRECISION faced before adopting HubSpot’s tools were clear: Although their operations were thriving, and yielded high revenue to grow the company, managing sales opportunities was a challenge, because they needed to align the company’s sales, marketing, and services teams.

    They found out that they could benefit from an integral system that not only streamlined sales operations, but also included marketing and customer service functionalities to manage their campaigns from a single place, without needing to rely on third-party, siloed tools. 

    They also needed a proactive support that provided them with help and solutions when they had software challenges or required strategic assistance. Unfortunately, with the tool they were using at the time, every time there was a problem, they had to either fix the issue themselves or seek help from external consultants.

    A further challenge they faced was being able to customize solutions within the platform, since they could not control their management activities. As a result, their processes were slow and made operations difficult.

    “We were mistakenly adding too many functionalities to our tools, because our  CRM didn't have those capabilities. In the end, this made our operations much slower and more challenging.”

    Alejandro Opazo, Digital Transformation Director at PRECISION.

    The Importance of Growing Together

    PRECISION used Salesforce, which was a functional tool for the company for 10 years. During that time, they managed to grow as a company but they eventually realized that they were scaling their CRM without a clear plan in mind. In a effort to solve this issue, they began to add functionalities to the system. However, instead of streamlining operations, this slowed them down. Consequently, any follow-up using the tool became increasingly complicated. 

    In addition, Salesforce has an intricate interface and complex functions. Since they did not receive the support or advice they needed to adapt Salesforce and adjust it to their business needs, they took the matte on their hands and tried to control the platform by themselves. This gave them autonomy, but their implementations affected the company's day-to-day activities and decision-making became less effective. This was the key factor that ultimately made the company start the process of evaluating other solutions. 


    Looking For the Best CRM Online

    Although they were using Salesforce as their CRM, it took them many years to realize that this was not the right solution for the company’s unique operations. So they decided to start from scratch and evaluate other alternatives. Finding HubSpot was easy: They had already decided they wanted a better CRM, so they searched in Google and HubSpot was the first option among the results.

    They chose HubSpot because the platform focused on helping businesses to grow, could be easily customized to the needs of their company, and finally, because they found that it was an all-in-one solution that allowed them to manage everything from one place, a single platform integrating sales, marketing, and services. The company highlights some of the most important benefits of HubSpot’s CRM: Its versatility for varied uses, including a free-license feature, its easy-to-learn interface and its quick adoption. It is a solid solution that can incorporate a large amount of data, and has a great capacity for releasing  campaigns.  

    “HubSpot gave us a marketing, sales, and customer service overview on a single platform. This was something we did not have before. Our face-to-face sales were our biggest strength within the company, but our digital environment was a bit lacking. That’s where HubSpot was key.”

    Alejandro Opazo, Digital Transformation Director at PRECISION.


    A Clean Migration Supported by HubSpot's Team and a Solutions Partner 

    PRECISION worked over one year with one of HubSpot’s Solutions Partners, which advised and assisted them with the implementation and migration processes. This was essential for the company, as they needed to transfer their data from their previous platform without missing a single piece of information, while they continued their operations. 

    Migrating from Salesforce to HubSpot was a carefully planned process, encompassing data mapping and modeling, data conditioning, and data preparation to bridge both platforms, as well as user training. HubSpot’s team and their Solutions Partner made this a streamlined and easy process. 

    Another key aspect during migration was the process of user training and adoption of the tool. This was crucial for PRECISION, as they knew that the success of their new acquisition relied on their teams’ use of it. 

    Training was key in a quick ramp up the tool and a full adoption, because teams used the platform all day and needed to know where to find each functionality. Also, they needed a streamlined switch between platforms to keep on focusing on their work. Sales executives, as an example, needed to keep selling.

    The migration process proved to be a hard process, since ten years’ worth of data had to be transferred from one platform to the other. However, PRECISION did not struggle with this, thanks to the support they received from HubSpot, which pointed them in the right direction at all times. 

    “This was a hard process requiring quite a lot of work, but that was easy to do because we had help from a partner that had done this several times before. So, this process was fairly quick.”

    Alejandro Opazo, Digital Transformation Director at PRECISION.


    Adopting a New Solution

    Over time, PRECISION satisfied entirely their need for a powerful platform integrating marketing, sales, and services. They achieved a higher visibility in processes and task automation, and released a series of campaigns to attract their audience and convert leads into customers. 

    One of the main concerns they had during migration was a possible inertia or resistance within the company when adopting the new platform. However, with a CRM as intuitive as HubSpot’s, these concerns were quickly overcome, and the platform soon became an essential tool for the organization. Currently, all PRECISION employees seamlessly use HubSpot during their daily activities, achieving positive results for the company. 


    Empowering their Business with HubSpot’s Tools

    The company started to use HubSpot in an integral way, compiling all relevant data, and delivering sales and marketing campaigns as well as customer service. 

    These are the main tools PRECISION uses on the platform. The company's success is rooted in an integral approach, aligning their marketing, sales, and customer service teams.


    Marketing Hub 

    • Email marketing: Having all contacts information on the platform enables segmentation and email list creation, which strengthens campaigns and allows analysis of each campaign performance in a single place. 
    • Ads: With this tool, they began to implement advertising campaigns, easily connecting ads with their CRM to achieve improved customization, better segmentation, as well as more accurate metrics on the impact of each ad. 
    • Social media: Managing social media using Marketing Hub allowed them to attract a community in these networks, but also provided a means to drive sales, as the sales team realized the importance of social media for increasing lead generation.
    • Landing pages: Using HubSpot, they created landing pages to capture higher quality qualified leads. Plus, they realized that using landing pages helped them achieve a clearer view on the conversion process.
    • Blogs: This is an essential tool for the brand, as blog articles can be used to explain better the types of services and solutions they offer.

    Also, their website visitors have increased, and they have noticed that since they created pillar pages, their page rankings have improved, along with their domain authority. A plus: The more content they produce, the higher is their number of visitors, month over month, throughout the year.

    • Forms: This tool has helped PRECISION to compile more customer data with a higher precision and in the required format, ultimately allowing the company to release a series of campaigns using contacts information.
    • Marketing Automation: This tool is crucial for PRECISION, because they can create automated workflows to generate lead nurturing campaigns and perform lead scoring. The company has managed to attract better quality leads and educate them with personalized content, supporting them in their purchasing process, prior to making a buying decision. 

    Lead nurturing: They use workflows to send automated emails to all leads converted for the first time. They created a welcome message to introduce the company, as well as content describing the benefits of working with the company. This tool was also useful to create campaigns for an appropriate follow up on leads and guide their contacts from one deal stage to the next in buyer's journey. For example, when they are at the top of the funnel (“TOFU”), they are sent a monthly newsletter and when they are in the middle of the funnel (“MOFU”) they are introduced to the sales team and the sales manager.   

    Lead Scoring: Based on the information gathered from forms and contact behavior when engaging with digital assets, PRECISION implemented a lead scoring strategy. This involves a segmentation methodology that awards a certain amount of points to each contact in order to identify what their need is, whether they are a good fit for the company, and how urgently they need to be contacted. These criteria enable the company to better qualify its leads. For instance, a lead gathers points when opens an email, visit the website, or subscribes to the blog, among other actions. This strengthens the collaboration between teams, and thanks to HubSpot’s workflows, processes are easier and better automated.

    Furthermore, for the company, enabling its marketing team to use these tools was crucial, as they were not available in their previous CRM. These decision improved the company's decision-making process, forecasts, audience knowledge, and A/B testing to optimize their campaigns.


    Sales Hub 

    Thanks to Sales Hub, this Chilean company has successfully brought its sales processes into the digital environment with more accuracy, due to an improved knowledge of its prospects, an optimized organization, and an improved prospect management.

    The sales team is focused more on engaging with customers than on repetitive tasks that cause them to waste precious time. Meanwhile, their sales process has become more strategic thanks to the use of tools such as: 

    • Sales automation: This is a vital resource for PRECISION, as many tasks performed by its sales team have been automated, thus improving follow-up on prospects and customers, as well as increasing accuracy in detecting errors and viewing the next steps to follow in their pipelines. 
    • Sales Reports: With HubSpot, the company obtained access to a great source of information and data, as well as a tool for analyses, measurements and evaluations. Each effort can be measured and, therefore, improved. Sales reports provide a clearer view over their processes and allows them to make better decisions.
    • Quotes: This tool helped them to generate quotes directly from a single place, enabling them to control, track, and secure the information contained in each of the documents. This means the sales team has the right context and flexibility to draw up each quote.  
    • Sales pipeline management: All the company’s deals are stored in Sales Hub; this offers them the perfect springboard to create deals, gain visibility on sales processes progress, and generate a range of sales actions. 

    Thanks to Sales Hub, the company has simplified its conversion process, by having all operations on a single platform. This has allowed the company to cut down on quote processing times and improve on closing deals with customers.


    Service Hub 

    The very essence of PRECISION is their customers. And if a platform does not give them capacities to strengthen their business relationships, it will definitely not be the right option. This is why they switched to a different CRM. Now, thanks to Service Hub, they have access to all the most up to date information to improve customer service. 

    The highlights of Service Hub for their customer service team are:

    • Tickets: The team is now able to run multiple pipelines for customer support, both externally and internally, and request approval. This has generated service workflows to ensure that customers always have the support of PRECISION's team. 
    • Shared inbox: They can now address all requests coming in from multiple channels, as they are visible in a single mailbox. Also, Service Hub automated ticketing allows for custom dashboard views showing pending tasks to be performed by each team and representative. The ability to put together all the information gathered from customer conversations in a single place helps each team in the company to better focus their activities.
    • Customer satisfaction surveys: Now, they can obtain customer feedback and know how customers perceive their brand to make targeted improvements. This year was the first time PRECISION could send a survey via their CRM. This  confirmed the improvement of their relationship with customers, because all the company can engage with every customer, from prospecting to after sales, using a single tool.

    By using these tools, PRECISION can now streamline issue assignment internally and measure response time something impossible before. Additionally, they expanded their capacity to provide support and can now serve enterprise customers in different countries, as everything they need is in one tool.

    “HubSpot is a company that commits itself to its customers and always strives to give them the best. That’s also what we do for our customers connect them with the best solution, always being at their side. It’s important for us to have an ally like HubSpot, because they share our philosophy.”

    Alejandro Opazo, Digital Transformation Director at PRECISION.

    • Alejandro Opazo Precision
      HubSpot gives us a marketing, sales, and customer service overview on a single platform. This was something we did not have before. Our face-to-face sales were our greatest strength as a company, but we needed a boost in the digital world. That’s where HubSpot was key.

      Alejandro Opazo

      Digital Transformation Director


    • Alejandro Opazo Precision
      HubSpot is a company that commits itself to its customers and always strives to give them the best. That’s also what we do for our customers —connect them with the best solution, always being at their side. It’s important for us to have an ally like HubSpot, because they share our philosophy.

      Alejandro Opazo

      Digital Transformation Director


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