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Dryft improves customer experience 2x with the HubSpot mobile app

Renovation company Dryft needed a way to share information across the company that would work for in-office staff as well as craftspeople and salespeople, who were often on-the-go visiting customers’ homes. With the HubSpot app, team members can access their CRM from any device to log information, see past customer interaction, and track progress. The HubSpot app makes it easy for employees to create the best possible experience for customers.

  • 75% time saved

  • 2x better customer experience


Dryft is a Swedish full-service provider of home improvements, energy efficiency and maintenance services. Dryft takes care of the full breadth of the energy optimization equation and home renovation needs with a one-stop-shop model.


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    Building processes for growth

    Home improvement company Dryft was founded with a desire to do things differently. The company combines talented craftsmen like painters, electricians, and plumbers with project managers, engineers and business developers to create the best possible renovation experience for customers. 

    When Dryft was first started in 2020, the company grew quickly, and their processes grew with them. Within a few months, co-founder Johannes Ivarsson saw that the mix of spreadsheets, shared email addresses, Monday boards, and informal information sharing they had been using wouldn’t sustain Dryft's rapid growth for long. “When I looked at our setup, I knew we could never scale with the mix of solutions we were using. We needed to have everything in one place,” Johannes says. 

    Sharing information outside the office

    For Dryft, creating an amazing renovation experience starts with informed customer service. “As a customer, I don’t want to talk to one person at a company and then have to tell another person the same thing again later,” Johannes says. Informed customer service means providing the right information to the people their customers interact with the most: the craftsmen working in their homes. “The most interaction our customers have with us is when they are actually getting the service done,” Johannes says. “Having that person informed is more crucial than informing the person answering emails at the office.”

    Dryft needed a flexible, mobile CRM that would facilitate the flow of information across their entire company, from customer service reps working at the office to salespeople and craftsmen visiting customers’ homes. “On average, 80% of our workforce is out doing work, we can’t trust that information will be shared in informal channels throughout the office. We needed a very structured way of doing this, and very structured processes. Most importantly, we needed to be able to move this information to everyone in the format and on the device that most suits their needs,” Johannes says.

    A flexible CRM: HubSpot

    Choosing the right system from the start was crucial, which is why Johannes conducted very thorough research before committing to HubSpot. “Once we commit to a system and build that into our foundation and build our tech stack and operational processes around it, it’s a lot of work to change,” he says. 

    “I quickly realized that HubSpot was the one I wanted to go with. I did a lot of research and HubSpot stood out for its thorough educational guides and the personal connection with the salespeople I talked to. But most importantly, I felt that HubSpot and the HubSpot mobile app were really built to make my life easier,” he says.

    From sales to production: a mobile process

    With HubSpot’s mobile CRM, Dryft has been able to create a seamless flow of information throughout the company. 

    When leads complete a form on the Dryft website, the sales team schedules a time to visit their home. There, the salesperson logs information, creates a quote, and sends a recap email for the customer within the HubSpot app. “The information gathering and the information sharing with the customer to align expectations is crucial,”Johannes says. 

     “And if you wait until you’re back at your desk, you can get pulled in too many directions and it doesn’t get done.” 

    Once the deal is signed and a craftsman is assigned to the project, they visit the customer’s home to begin planning the renovation. There, they can use HubSpot’s mobile CRM to access the customer’s entire history with Dryft, including previous projects and all communication with the sales and service teams. “That granularity shows the customer that the person who is going to execute the project is fully aware of previous discussions, and they have everything they need to get the project started,” Johannes says.

    Over the course of the project, the craftsperson will use the HubSpot mobile app to log progress, communicate with the customer and the Dryft office about the status of the project, and update that status once it’s complete.

    To make all this smoother, Dryft has over 300 workflows set up in HubSpot. “We use automations to make it as easy as possible for anyone at Dryft to share information, and we’ve set it up so HubSpot does the work pushing that information to everyone that needs it automatically,” Johannes says. 

    More invested employees 

    Having the right information available has empowered Dryft’s craftsmen to take even more ownership of their work and their relationships with Dryft’s customers, which in turn has made it possible for them to offer even better customer experiences. 

    “Going to a customer’s house with no information is terrible for a craftsman, and it’s a very common experience in our industry,” Johannes says. “When we inform our employees and empower them with that information, they are that much more keen to do a good job, and they get better job satisfaction because they are involved in the whole process.”

    The best possible customer experience

    Using HubSpot to communicate and track projects makes it much easier and faster for sales leaders and project managers to transmit important information to all relevant parties. Johannes estimates that employees who used to spend half of their day on the phone explaining projects and relaying information now spend less than an hour a day on the same tasks, a 75% reduction. “If we had continued with our previous information sharing processes, we would never have been able to scale as we’re doing. HubSpot and the mobile CRM give us that capability,” Johannes says. 

    The time savings are valuable and ability to scale are valuable, but Johannes is quick to emphasize that what matters more for Dryft is providing a great customer experience. “Saving time is important, but the biggest advantage that HubSpot gives us is the customer experience,” he says. “Our customers aren’t using HubSpot, but they are interacting with the people who are empowered by HubSpot. An informed salesperson or craftsman will have much better interactions with the customer.” 

    They’ve doubled the quality of services they provide, “just by making sure the right person knows the right information and informs the customer at the right point in time,” he says. “That’s such a huge part of what we’re doing.” 


    Headshot Johannes Ivarsson
    Most companies lack the capability to move information they have all the way to the person who actually needs it: the person providing the service. I appreciate how the HubSpot app makes it possible for us to do that.

    Johannes Ivarsson

    Co-founder and Chief Growth & Tech Officer


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