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How KeepCup unified operations, boosted collaboration and achieved transparency with HubSpot

From fragmented data and multiple platforms to streamlined infrastructure and collaboration, KeepCup leverages HubSpot as their central source of truth to enhance transparency, increase deal close rates, and navigate the challenges of a shifting market landscape. Discover how HubSpot empowers KeepCup's commitment to sustainability and continual growth in an ever-evolving digital world.

  • 20% Increased Deal Close Rate Thanks to HubSpot Insights

  • 50% Fewer Touchpoints Needed To Close Deals


KeepCup changed the way Australians think about coffee with their innovative, reusable products designed for drinking pleasure on the go while removing single-use plastics.


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    Disparate Systems & Limited Visibility

    In the dynamic world of sustainable living, KeepCup has emerged as a global leader, fostering environmental consciousness through their innovative reusable cups. Born in Australia in 2009, the brand expanded to the UK in 2011 and continues to be a leader when it comes to rethinking single use plastics across a range of culinary experiences.

    Prior to joining HubSpot in 2019, the KeepCup team had data and information split between Mailchimp, Microsoft Dynamics, Zendesk and Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. With no central source of truth, the sales and marketing teams struggled to collaborate, and lacked visibility over the full pipeline. In particular, they weren’t able to clearly capture and report on the value of customers when they returned through multiple purchases.

    There were multiple factors that clinched the deal when it came to selecting HubSpot as the platform to commit to:

    • HubSpot is a central source of truth for multiple teams in the business
    • The interface is user-friendly for teams to work in on a daily basis. 
    • The HubSpot sales team worked to engage the whole KeepCup team and truly understand the challenges they faced
    • HubSpot’s continual investment in customer and product experience

    Beyond that, it was also about having confidence in HubSpot being the right choice in the years to come. Speaking with KeepCup’s co-founder Abigail Forsyth, she shared that it was HubSpot’s "integrity in continually investing to improve the customer and product experiences" that cemented the choice in platform moving forward.


    Increased Collaboration & Consistency

    Since moving to HubSpot, the team has undergone some big shifts. Abigail noted how the business has grown throughout their HubSpot journey, specifically in how they now think in systems, rather than in individual relationships. This has been critical in understanding and in turn, optimising the customer experience prior to purchasing. This means there is a bigger focus on maintaining data hygiene, and building scalable systems and processes without losing the focus on the customer. They’re still on the journey as they find that balance, but as Abigail said, "it’s now embedded in the culture of the business - it’s just the way we do things now".

    With HubSpot as the system of visibility for the whole business, the whole business are able to collaborate effectively in a cross-functional capacity. Leveraging sales tools like snippets and templates allow each team to have consistent messaging to their audiences which allows the business to run a cohesive and connected customer journey from marketing touchpoints right through to managing the post-sale customer experience and repeat purchases.


    Transparency & Increased Deal Close Rate

    When it comes to transparency and collaboration, it’s not just the enablement assets that have been vastly improved. With all their information in one place, KeepCup have been able to impact their sales productivity and outputs.

    "The biggest impact is the visibility on sales productivity - it’s a real game changer," reflected Abigail.

    Looking at the full pipeline, they’re able to see not just the key elements like revenue, deal volume and metrics like close rate, but evaluate this at a sales rep level. This has increased the performance of the overall team as they can now see where they need to focus, and can identify those in the team they can learn from in different areas of the pipeline as they focus more on being both efficient and effective.

    "Prior to HubSpot, it was very much a volume approach, and now you can see the shift in the team towards being a lot more honed and focused on the key outcomes" Abigail shared; a shift that has really changed the game when they look at the difference in results.

    Two key results that stand out include:

    • Increasing the deal close rate from more specific and focused sales activity
    • Increased conversion rate for contacts coming through the pipeline as they can now see the full journey of a contact once they convert for the first time, and are not losing potential revenue when trying to work across multiple platforms like they were before.


    Continual Growth and Innovation

    As KeepCup looks to the future, their focus is on direct-to-consumer marketing automations for repeat customers. They plan to review marketing campaigns for insights and develop templates for running future campaigns.

    In the competitive landscape of sustainability, KeepCup's journey with HubSpot exemplifies how a brand can seamlessly integrate technology to not only navigate challenges but also foster a culture of continuous improvement. As they navigate the digital landscape, KeepCup remains steadfast in its commitment to sustainability, leveraging HubSpot as a key enabler on their path of growth and adaptability.

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    HubSpot has helped us cement the value of data in the business - we’re building scalable systems and processes without losing focus on the customer. It’s just the way we do things now.
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