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EclecticIQ Grows New Leads by 300% With HubSpot

Since adopting HubSpot, EclecticIQ has increased its organic visibility, generated a significant amount of new leads, and implemented efficient sales pipeline management.

  • 50% increase in lead conversion rate

  • 300% growth in new contacts

  • 200% growth in landing page views


EclecticIQ is a B2B company that provides cyber threat intelligence, threat hunting, and incident response solutions. The company works with  governments, large enterprises, and service providers. 


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    Before 2017, EclecticIQ used a mix of solutions to manage their sales and marketing, which were difficult to integrate and customize while also preparing for GDPR compliance. EclecticIQ looked for a marketing automation solution that could also provide efficient sales pipeline management. They also wanted to start small and have a solution that will scale with them as they grow.

    HubSpot was the perfect fit, and EclecticIQ increased their organic visibility, new leads, and their customer base successfully, preparing them for the next growth stage.

    Searching For a Solution That Brings Marketing and Sales Under the Same Roof

    Before HubSpot, EclecticIQ relied on a mix of tools to manage their sales and marketing. They had a Salesforce product that was too complicated and expensive for their early-stage startup, so they replaced it with Pipedrive. They also used Mailchimp for email marketing, Wufoo for lead forms, and a range of other tools.

    Martin Voorzanger, Head of Growth at EclecticIQ, explains the challenge of this setup. “These solutions were relatively affordable on their own, but they all had to be integrated, as well as frequently updated. The cost of ownership, and support, became too high.” Another challenge was GDPR compliance and security. “If a copy of your contact database is in multiple tools, and someone opts out from your communication, you have to opt them out in every tool, which is much more difficult than having a single system,” adds Martin.

    EclecticIQ wanted a marketing automation solution that could integrate with a CRM tool or have its pipeline management and sales automation tool. HubSpot got on the company’s radar through their SVP of Product and Marketing at the time, who used it in a previous company. They wanted to avoid vendor lock-in, dependencies on custom integrations built by expensive consultants, and upfront investments in a solution when they didn’t have reliable revenue yet.

    HubSpot ticked all the boxes. In 2017, EclecticIQ started with Marketing Hub Professional. Over time, they added a small number of Sales Hub Professional licenses and then upgraded to Sales Hub Enterprise.

    Maximizing Organic Results and Nurturing High-Quality Leads on Autopilot

    EclecticIQ kicked off their HubSpot journey by focusing on lead generation, email marketing, segmentation, and basic lead scoring. Over time, they expanded their goals to pipeline management, forecasting, sales drip campaigns, and task management. Implementing HubSpot was easy, and all the teams embraced it quickly, including marketing and sales and customer service, product, and finance teams.

    Intelligent Inbound

    With HubSpot Marketing Hub, EclecticIQ can prioritize their inbound marketing efforts. They use their blog, white papers, case studies, webinar recordings, product datasheets, and industry reports to drive organic traffic. “We’ve redesigned our entire blog, and organic search is becoming a hugely important traffic source for us. We’re also running paid ads to our landing pages so that we can generate relevant leads through various campaigns,” explains Martin.


    HubSpot also helps the marketing team hand over the most qualified leads to their sales team using lead scoring. With workflows in place, they use information such as subscribing to a newsletter, visiting several web pages in a specific timeframe, types of pages visited, and more. This assigns the right lead to the right team in different countries and verticals. Martin adds, “We have a dedicated team member that has a weekly meeting with the sales team. This is how we get feedback from them and understand the quality of MQLs we gave them. If something isn’t working, we then look for ways to optimize our lead scoring process.”

    Thanks to HubSpot, all commercial teams in EclecticIQ—including marketing, sales, sales engineering, customer support, and product—now use a single source of truth for all information. "We use partitioning to separate various departments within HubSpot so that every user can have instant access to the exact information they need," says Martin.

    Getting Ready For the Next Stage of Growth

    EclecticIQ’s results with HubSpot speak for themselves. Over a year, they’ve tripled the traffic to their blog. They’ve also tripled their landing page views. EclecticIQ also increased their lead conversion rate by 50%, which grew their new contacts by 300%.

    There’s more to their success than metrics, too. EclecticIQ improved their internal collaboration processes, their reporting is faster, and their automation more efficient. Relationships between departments are better than ever. They also find it easy to ensure compliance with GDPR and security requirements.

    HubSpot helps EclecticIQ maximize their inbound marketing and lead nurturing efforts, which will help them step into the next chapter of their growth journey successfully.

    Customer Content Examples

    Check out some of the content that EclecticIQ created with the tools in Marketing Hub Enterprise.

    Educational Blog Posts

    EclecticIQ creates a wide range of relevant, engaging, conversion-optimized blog posts that help the company's discoverability in search and social media.


    Informative Resources

    EclecticIQ uses the Landing Pages and Forms tools in Marketing Hub to host content such as White Papers and Webinars.  These resources generate leads for the business.


    Email With a Human Touch

    EclecticIQ uses the smart content features within Hubspot to provide a more personalized experience for their audiences.


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      These other solutions were relatively affordable on their own, but they all had to be integrated, as well as frequently updated. The cost of ownership, and support, became too high.

      Martin Voorzanger

      Head of Growth


    • 1540201286787-1-1
      We’re now building a second product line in an adjacent market, which requires even more scalability than before. HubSpot will help us service two different markets and easily cross-sell while maintaining a single source of truth.

      Martin Voorzanger

      Head of Growth


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