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HYDAC Builds Effective Lead Generation Strategy with HubSpot

After choosing HubSpot, HYDAC’s blog generated 108,000 sessions and 681 new leads that allows them to provide helpful content using their expertise in the mobile, agricultural and industrial world.

  • +100% increase in website traffic

  • +100% increase in lead generation


HYDAC, a leading company in the hydraulic systems and equipment sector, offers vast expertise through its technicians’ experience and opinion on the design of hydraulic drive and conditioning systems.


Company Size:


Use Case:


    Increasing awareness And Lead Generation Thanks To A Planned Content Strategy

    In 2017 Modofluido was born as a digital Hydraulics, Fluid Technology, and Electronics community. The intent was to convey daily news, successful case studies on applications, interviews with thought leaders, and hydraulics sector-related trends. The objective of Modofluido has been to generate brand awareness and position itself, right from the start, as the trusted authority of the hydraulics world.

    HYDAC needed a marketing platform that can position Modofluido as a recognized digital community in the hydraulic sector. In this way, they choose to adopt Hubspot Marketing Pro to generate brand awareness and position Modofluido, right from the start, as the hydraulics world’s trusted authority, starting first from creating awareness around the brand. In 2017 Modofluido was born as a digital Hydraulics, Fluid Technology, and Electronics. Community. The intent was to convey daily news, successful case studies on applications, interviews with thought leaders, and hydraulics sector-related trends. Modofluido is now a registered trademark.

    Modofluido’s began their HubSpot by working closely with HubSpot Solution Partner, Digital Dictionary, to build a suitable website theme. Part of their content strategy was to use the suite of tools in Marketing Hub to scale lead generation efforts. Since its implementation, Modofluide has built eight vertical thematic campaigns that include 156 blog articles and 20 downloadable assets.

    The increase in brand awareness achieved by Modofluido was recently proven when a recent survey, "The state of the art of hydraulics in Italy,” confirmed that 33%(591) of respondents knew about the community. The survey, conducted by Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, also stated that respondents expressed an NPS of 8.2 for the topics covered. The Modofluido brand is also recognized and appreciated, especially among those who hold managerial positions (CEO, Board, Engineering).

    At the same time, Modofluidoa created a segmented lead generation that constantly enhanced portal users’ experience. The information provided across numerous conversion points allowed it to send personalized communications from the CRM.

    Results: +108,000 sessions and 681 new leads 108


    SEO Strategy With Pillar Page And Cluster Content: The “Mechatronics” Case

    After a careful analysis, where each buyer's challenges came under examination, Modofluido defined a buyer persona. Each campaign would aim to address these needs. The first step in the content strategy was an SEO analysis. Modofluido created a document highlighting a range of keywords included across each customer journey phase (TOFU, MOFU, BOFU).

    By using the Pillar-Cluster Methodology, Modofluido obtained good organic positioning for the selected keywords.

    For example, in January 2020, Modofluido optimized the "Mechatronics" campaign for the "mechatronics" keyword, which receives 8,100 searches per month. It also exploited the strength generated by the 20 subtopics. Cluster contents also gained a position on the first page of the SERP for the inserted keywords such as "clouding systems for mobile vehicles" and "HART protocol."


    Conversational Marketing With Guido The Chatbot

    To address the actual challenge of 24-hour availability for the customer, Modofluido created Guido, the chatbot. Guido helps support users, especially when a human is not available.

    Build with dialogue-driven logic; Guido aims to trigger a conversation with the user by introducing the topics covered through 3 different paths:

    Path 1 - "Discover Modofluido": The chatbot helps the user to discover other areas of the portal and then proposes personalized content.

    Path 2 - "I'm surfing": The chatbot provides content according to the type of in-depth study chosen.

    Path 3 - "Contact Modofluido": With this flow, the user requests the advice of an expert, and a form opens.

    Since its activation in July 2019 to date, Modofluido received over 301 conversations with a success rate of 63%. The BOFU path (path 3) generated 21 BOFU leads. In some cases. Users required a Modofluido expert's advice, while in other cases, the chatbot is only a strictly conversational channel.

    Tools Used:


    - CMS: Website and blog entirely on CMS Hub

    - Blog: Blog posts created using Inbound Marketing and SEO principles

    - Landing Pages: TOFU, MOFU, and BOFU Landing Pages developed in-house with Marketing Hub

    - Forms: Modofluido created all forms with HubSpot

    - Lists: Modofluido segmented all contacts with the CRM tools

    - Workflows: Modofluido activated workflows to allow lead nurturing

    - Emails: Email marketing campaigns, Direct Email Marketing, follow up emails, and nurturing emails to feed lead engagement over time

    - CTAs: CTAs in line with brand identity are arranged at strategic points on the website, emails, and blog posts

    - Campaigns: Organized all activities with HubSpot Campaigns

    - Reports: Created monthly and quarterly reports using HubSpot’s dashboards tool.

    "Thanks to Digital Dictionary, we launched the first Italian portal on hydraulics developed in inbound logic, through which we have positioned ourselves as a reference point in our sector for the topics covered." Massimo Sanelli, General Manager at HYDAC S.p.A.

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