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Immoportal optimizes entire sales funnel with HubSpot

Lead databases, e-mail marketing templates, and other forms used to mean a lot of work for Immoportal. Thanks to HubSpot and the starter package for Marketing & Sales, this is now significantly easier for Immoportal.

  • 100% more automated e-mails

  • 150% more deals through search engines

  • 100% more transparency and speed


Immoportal is a young start-up in the real estate sector and helps everybody in this industry to improve their digital visibility.


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    Immoportal is a B2B company that specializes in supporting people in the real estate industry, such as estate agents and brokers, with their digital visibility. Not every company is able to set up an online presence and many do not have the necessary tools to do so. Immoportal helps companies present themselves, their expertise, and their projects on the internet by providing them with the necessary platform as well as a range of tools. For example, market reports created by Immoportal help establish the competence of the companies and support them with acquisitions.


    Starting Point for Immoportal

    Over the last two years, since the launch of Immoportal, the company has grown steadily, more and more employees have come on board, and the first products have been launched. This growth has led to more complex workflows and processes, which have become increasingly important for the company. For example, new teams and new business areas focusing on different aspects and topics have been implemented, such as Marketing, Sales, Product, Administration, and many more. Immoportal quickly realized that for a company to be successful in the long run, all areas need to work together seamlessly. Additionally, this should happen without any loss of information and without long coordination channels.


    The Decision for HubSpot

    At this stage, Immoportal recognized the need for a CRM system, which would form the basis of a successful business model. Florian Fischer, the founder of Immoportal, made the decision to implement HubSpot. Now he – along with his team – cannot imagine his company without it. It enables the company’s sales and marketing divisions to work together and also ensures efficient coordination. Sharing individual tools in HubSpot ensures that data is updated simultaneously so that multiple departments can use workflows to work directly on a customer process.


    No More Old Data in the System

    In the past, Immoportal, like most companies, regularly had to deal with outdated or obsolete customer data. With HubSpot, that is a thing of the past. Immoportal was able to transfer all customer data to HubSpot through a one-time process and can now use this for all its activities. Consequently, there is no more manual maintenance of obsolete or irrelevant data – everything is always up to date.


    Transparency of Work Steps

    Another significant enhancement in Immoportal’s everyday business is the transparency of the individual work steps in Marketing provided by HubSpot. Immoportal can now establish at any time when and how often a lead is contacted and what the current status of an individual customer is. With the introduction of Marketing Hub Starter, Immoportal now has complete transparency over all communication statuses for each individual lead. It does not matter whether it is a call, mailing, event signup, or a lead from a form generated by HubSpot. All communication with a customer is stored in HubSpot, which makes the day-to-day work of the team at Immoportal easier. “The entire sales funnel including all marketing activities is fully transparent for us in HubSpot,” says Eva Schönbacher, co-founder of Immoportal, explaining where she personally sees improved transparency.


    “All in all, HubSpot is a decision for the life of the company. Once an organized database is set up, a company typically works with the same CRM system for its entire lifetime. This is why this needs to be selected in a careful, considered way. For us, HubSpot was, and is, without doubt, the right solution and we are delighted that our internal processes are a lot more efficient now with HubSpot than they were before,” says Niclas Timm, CTO of Immoportal.

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