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IDEAL Vorsorge Optimizes Lead Generation and Sales Processes With HubSpot

In summer 2021, IDEAL Vorsorge GmbH HubSpot set up HubSpot as its central CRM platform for marketing and sales automation in order to optimize lead generation and collaboration between its marketing and sales teams. IDEAL Vorsorge was the first company to set up on an EU server from HubSpot due to GDPR.

  • 10x faster landing page creation

  • 50% faster lead response time

  • 75% more leads

IDEAL Vorsorge GmbH

IDEAL Vorsorge GmbH, as part of the IDEAL Versicherungsgruppe, is an insurance company based around three pillars: digital new customer acquisition, marketing of existing business for 69,000 customers, and commercial insurance.


Company Size:


Use Case:


    IDEAL Vorsorge GmbH (IVG) offers various products relating to life insurance, indemnity and accident insurance, and pension plans. To target this diverse and extensive range of services to the right audience, efficient and effective lead generation is required. IDEAL Vorsorge, together with its agency partner mediaworx, was therefore looking for a central solution. HubSpot was selected for several good reasons.

    Marcus Krautkrämer, Team Lead Marketing Automation & CRM at mediaworx berlin AG, explains: “Above all, we were looking for a software solution for a lead generation project with IVG that needed to be launched really quickly and go live within a very short space of time. We needed a tool that could more or less do everything. It had to include a CMS in order to create the corresponding landing pages. We also needed a marketing tool for campaign management and a sales process tool with a sales pipeline that processes leads.” He adds: “There aren’t many tools that offer all of this. So, HubSpot was the obvious choice for us.” Mark Möller, Managing Director of IDEAL Vorsorge, adds: “I can only emphasize this. We had projects before where we used things like Perspective Funnels and other smaller systems that were linked together. However, HubSpot offers everything all in one. Completely transparent. It’s just great.”

    Until then, the insurance company had no real CRM with an integrated view and control over all customer interactions, i.e. before, during and after the closing process.  As Möller explains, insurance and broker management systems are typically contract management systems rather than customer management systems. “Due to this lack of visibility into (and therefore knowledge of) most customer interactions and touchpoints, valuable opportunities for service, sales approaches, and ultimately revenue are lost to us every day,” the managing director emphasizes. 

    The company also did not use marketing automation, even though the majority of customer interactions are now digital. IDEAL Vorsorge previously used various different tools such as Perspective, MeisterTask, Userlike, and Terminland, all of which are now replaced by HubSpot’s solutions.


    Simplified and Improved Lead Generation 

    With the onset of HubSpot, IDEAL Vorsorge launched two lead generation campaigns as a test. First, there was a project for the generation of leads and contracts. For this, the insurance company used the fully digital product IDEAL UniversalLife. Then, another, less complex, project was examined with an A/B test: funeral costs insurance. As part of this, a conversion optimization process was run. This turned out to be so straightforward “that even I was able to lend a hand here and there,” says Mark Möller. “Previously, I would have had to get IT to do it. Now, I can do it myself if need be.”

    Marcus Krautkrämer from mediaworx explains the optimization process: “During the first phase, we found that when we called back, many leads were unavailable, but, thanks to HubSpot, we had very good reporting and were therefore able to quickly determine that it had simply taken far too long to reach out to them. As you know, every minute counts in sales. That’s why we made a change during the second phase, so that the contact process was much faster and accessibility was also significantly improved. These are insights that we acquired over the course of the two test phases. Without HubSpot, this wouldn’t have happened so quickly.” Specifically, this means that before the test, around half were accessible, now it is eight out of ten. That is an increase of 75 percent. “The funeral costs insurance project took around three weeks in total, from strategy, conception, marketing, and sales processes to the form and landing page setup. That’s unbeatably quick,” says Marcus Krautkrämer.


    With HubSpot, marketing and sales are treated as equals

    The automation of the process also improved collaboration between the marketing and sales teams. Coordination was significantly optimized. With HubSpot, marketing and sales are treated as equals “Taking a systematic approach to marketing also involves sales. With HubSpot, this is clear. It’s all one. Online marketing means online sales,” says Mark Möller. The work undertaken by the marketing people results in direct benefits for the sales people. That’s the brilliant thing. HubSpot will be very successful in Germany because marketing people can bring their value to sales in the customer journey.”


    The Goal: a Holistic Sales Ecosystem

    The next step is to transfer the entire IDEAL Vorsorge website to HubSpot in order to create a holistic sales ecosystem. “I want to have more leads from organic traffic,” says Möller. “To do that, of course, I need to run a much better content strategy and do everything through HubSpot.” There, all inbounds, i.e. contacts, should be run through an automated, transparent, sales-oriented process.


    “We want to establish HubSpot as the leading marketing system and manage landing pages, websites, e-mails, newsletters, blogs, and social media from one place,” managing director Möller explains. Specifically, this means that, thanks to HubSpot, the development and optimization of the websites are much faster. The same applies to social media and blog planning. The reporting of KPIs is much better organized thanks to the installed HubSpot dashboard. And, in the future, inbound organization will also run through HubSpot. Our plan is that all incoming calls (inbounds) will be recorded in the Service Hub. But the first thing is to set up the websites. 


    Online Marketing as a New Pillar for Future New Business

    In marketing, too, the implementation of HubSpot helps optimize existing processes and explore new directions for new business. Until now, the focus for IDEAL Vorsorge was on marketing of existing business. “What we haven’t done yet, but what should definitely be a new strategic pillar for future new business, is active online marketing. To get into this area, it is essential that we use HubSpot,” explains Mark Möller. In the current test projects, the insurance company is using performance marketing and has set up Google and Facebook campaigns. Next, content marketing is planned. In this way, we will also get leads organically,” says Möller. “This is also important so that future performance campaigns will be able to work in a mixed calculation.” 


    Conclusions from the Collaboration with HubSpot 

    Mark Möller says: “The bottom line is that we can test out ideas with a small budget. And thanks to the transparency of the KPIs, we can see sooner whether things are working or not.” In summary, Möller gives three reasons why he would recommend HubSpot: onboarding, usability, and cost-effectiveness are all outstanding. The managing director of IDEAL Vorsorge says: “Even though we’re not yet using the full capability of HubSpot, as for now we’re just working with Marketing Hub, Sales Hub, and CMS Hub, I already couldn’t imagine not having HubSpot. We were particularly impressed by the excellent usability of the tools. Service Hub and Operations Hub will follow later.” 

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