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Higher customer satisfaction and order volumes thanks to automation

As one of Europe’s leading real estate firms, VON POLL IMMOBILIEN combines traditional values with cutting-edge technology. Its clients include owners of properties with a stable value in sought-after locations.


The company employs around 1,500 people in Europe and offers innovative, high-quality real estate brokerage and excellent consultation services.


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    Clear Goal: More Efficient Processes with HubSpot

    VON POLL IMMOBILIEN is one of Europe’s leading real estate firms with more than 350 offices. With its pan-European business activities in the acquisition of new clients and in the support of existing clients, VON POLL IMMOBILIEN has always needed to have efficient processes. HubSpot was introduced to make even better use of precious time in sales and service. Wolfram Gast, Chief Digital Officer, is responsible for the company’s digital transformation. Regarding the previous situation at the company, he says: “All online customer inquiries were initially handled manually. This high workload meant that a lot of resources were needed, which we wanted to utilize in a faster, professional way for initial contact, so we could offer our clients even better quality of service.”

    VON POLL IMMOBILIEN evaluates various CRM systems in collaboration with its partner agency FUERSTVONMARTIN. The real estate firm wanted to achieve a new level of service excellence through real-time monitoring based on comprehensive KPI dashboards and wanted to introduce marketing automation in order to provide customer information at the right time in accordance with demand. “Due to the extensive range of functionality, quick configuration, and associated rapid launch, we opted for HubSpot,” says Gast, explaining the decision of VON POLL IMMOBILIEN for Marketing, Sales, Service, and CMS Hub.

    By linking the individual HubSpot systems, VON POLL IMMOBILIEN was looking for a considerable reduction in workload and costs for its existing processes. Additionally, as the system is continuously developed, optimizations should be launched on an ongoing basis to accelerate processes and subsequently create capacity for additional orders and revenue.

    One of the specific goals of the integration of HubSpot was to automate checking, processing, and forwarding of customer inquiries from the head office in Frankfurt to the respective branches based on a smart, dynamic logic. “We also wanted to integrate a pre-sales process to ensure the flexible interaction of individual service, automation, traceability of customer inquiries, and marketing campaigns, as well as make use of efficient marketing automation ,” says Chief Digital Officer Wolfram Gast in relation to the real estate firm’s strategic goals.


    Minutes Rather Than Hours: Optimal Service Level Thanks to Tailored HubSpot Tools

    Consistent improvements in processes have been observed within one year of the smooth implementation of the connected HubSpot solutions. One of the main goals—more efficient handling of customer inquiries—has been achieved. While many processes had to be initiated manually in CRM solutions previously used by the company, these could now be automated thanks to HubSpot. For example, customer inquiries could be tracked in their entirety and behavioral data analytics, customer scoring, and marketing automation could be established.

    Process optimization is also evident through clear key figures. Gast points to a significant improvement in relation to processing time: “Depending on the day of the week, volume of inquiries, and availability of resources, a contact inquiry from a customer used to take up to 24 hours to reach the appropriate realtor. Today, this happens in the space of a few minutes, and the realtor also receives a summary of the key information from the lead on their smartphone via SMS.” Data that is accessible to all authorized parties also enables closer, data-based collaboration between Marketing and Sales teams.

    In relation to this, Wolfram Gast emphasizes the simple configuration and automation of processes. He highlights the ease of use and logical structure as further plus points that make working with the HubSpot platform so straightforward.


    Close Collaboration Between Sales, Service, and Marketing

    The increase in efficiency thanks to HubSpot tools is evident in all areas of VON POLL IMMOBILIEN—from Sales, in acquisition, and Service, in customer support, to Marketing and CMS. The increased efficiency is particularly noticeable in pre-sales, as Wolfram Gast describes: “Now, the same number of employees can handle three to four times the volume of contact inquiries, and the time saved in manual and administrative processes can be invested directly into providing advance consultation. As a result, we are able to process all inquiries quickly and consistently despite the major investments we have made in our online marketing, and this is leading to more orders.”

    Increased order volumes can also be credited to enhanced service quality. The introduction of e-mail templates, feedback surveys, and tickets has led to a significant increase in customer satisfaction. Successful scaling and even faster customer service have reduced the time required for support. The capacity saved was invested into processing the increased order volumes.

    VON POLL IMMOBILIEN is also using the solution from HubSpot for its content. For example, the company’s own landing pages were created using the kit and were used for the initial prototyping of new digital products and services. “We present the entire customer journey through HubSpot and compile all data in one system. This gives us an overall view of all activities and helps us identify potential for optimization,” says Gast, describing how the HubSpot tools are used in everyday business. Specifically, each client is pre-qualified by the real estate firm’s pre-sales team over the phone and then receives automated system emails, such as feedback surveys and newsletters.

    In his work with HubSpot to date, Wolfram Gast believes there is still some room for improvement: “Some optimization is needed with regard to reports and dashboards. This is where we need maximum flexibility so we can look at data from every angle.” However, the Chief Digital Officer is more than satisfied with the company’s decision to choose HubSpot: “The system is very helpful for all types of sales processes and I would strongly recommend it.”

    Looking to the future, VON POLL IMMOBILIEN is planning to further increase the volume of customer inquiries with HubSpot in order to get maximum potential out of every inquiry and improve customer satisfaction. Thanks to ongoing optimizations of the system in place, Wolfram Gast believes the company is on the right track.

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