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Global Company Jedox Increases MQLs by 54% with HubSpot

Jedox have been using HubSpot’s software since early 2014 to power both lead generation and on-going customer communication activities.

  • 54% increase in MQL's

  • 24% increase in website traffic

  • 20% improvement in sales efficiency


Jedox are a leading global business intelligence and performance management solution provider, headquartered in Freiburg, Germany.


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    Finding a Simpler, All-in-One Marketing Solution

    Jedox has been in operation since 2002, providing its customers in 140 countries across the globe with business intelligence and EPM software. When Tim Dachtler joined Jedox in 2012, he found a marketing team that was struggling to manage all the different pieces of marketing software they were using. Their prospect and customer data was spread across several different systems, and they didn’t have the insights they needed to refine their strategy or demonstrate the impact of their work. Also, they were finding it challenging to pre-qualify leads for a sales conversation, and this was leading to a lengthy sales cycle of 75-130 days.

    Frustration was building internally, and Tim knew that something needed to change. He explains, “Imagine having a great marketing team with six employees, working hard to give their best but, at the end of the day, they can't prove the impact of their work because of missing data insights. We simply had to change something!”

    An opportunity to make the change occurred when the management team decided to replace their in-house CRM with Salesforce. Tim secured support to restore their fragmented marketing tools with a simple, all-in-one solution. Their main requirements were that it would work seamlessly with Salesforce.com, while also being cost-effective.

    After evaluating several options including Marketo, Silverpop and Eloqua, Jedox eventually chose HubSpot’s software. Tim says, “Marketo was simply too expensive and beyond the stretch of our budget. HubSpot provided a much more cost-effective option that delivered against all requirements.”

    Converting Traffic to Marketing Qualified Leads

    Jedox began implementing HubSpot in March 2014. Their first goal was to increase marketing qualified leads. Though they already had a substantial leads database, Tim and the team knew they needed to tailor their communications to help nurture and convert those leads into marketing qualified leads. They began by identifying and understanding their core buyer personas. They identified three core buyer personas, the decision-maker, the gatekeeper and the power user, and have since designed their marketing strategy to meet the needs of each of those personas.

    Also, the team started to use HubSpot’s Smart Forms App. This feature allows them to progressively build up a profile on each prospect over time, without being intrusive. Tim says Smart Forms are one of the most powerful apps for him. He explains, “they help us in collecting and consolidating all relevant lead data bit by bit … we are not putting off our leads as they don’t have to give all this information at once.”

    Now with a rich database, the team are finally able to effectively nurture both prospects and customers using HubSpot’s Email App. Advanced Workflows allow them to segment the database and tailor communications accordingly. Tim says this capability is critical, as “it helps us to get closer and closer to our main goal - personalized marketing communication.”

    Before using HubSpot, the marketing team were storing leads in spreadsheets and passing them to sales. Tim recollects, “this caused frustration for the sales team because the leads weren’t qualified”. Now, thanks to HubSpot’s native integration with Salesforce, the team only passes sales qualified leads with a score of 30 or higher to the sales team. This process has helped Jedox become more efficient at managing its sales cycle. Tim estimates that they have shortened their sales cycle by 12-20%. “Our sales cycle was previously 75-130 days; now since we’ve implemented HubSpot, it is 60-110 days maximum.”

    Transparent Results That Support Future Growth

    Jedox have achieved phenomenal results since starting to use HubSpot’s software. They have increased traffic to their website by 24%. Significantly, marketing qualified leads have grown a massive 54%. Consequently, their sales teams are having both more and better conversations with prospects that are genuinely ready to discuss purchasing Jedox business intelligence solutions. Also, their visitor to lead ratio is converting at 33% higher than previously and now remains consistently above a 3% conversion rate.

    Jedox finally has the data and visibility they craved. Tim explains, “With HubSpot, our marketing team can finally see where our website visitors are located, which marks they are leaving on our website, which data we were able to generate through forms, as well as see the scoring details of each lead.”

    The team at Jedox continues to expand their inbound marketing expertise. They regularly utilize the wealth of resources in the HubSpot Academy to deepen their knowledge. Tim says, “HubSpot is founded on an innovative concept of inbound marketing and has created a huge community and an incredible amount of informative content. Anyone who decides to use HubSpot in their business will benefit from a vast array of expertise.”

    Jedox has ambitious goals to continue building on their recent international growth. Tim believes that HubSpot’s software is an integral tool to support those goals. He says, “we now have the right tools, we have the right processes and workflows, and this is the basis of our sales success now and into the future.”

    In short, Tim recommends HubSpot because “HubSpot’s software has great usability and a clean, modern interface. It is just really fun to work with HubSpot!”



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