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LucaNet Centralizes Its Global Marketing Automation Strategy with HubSpot

To centralize and optimize its marketing and sales processes, LucaNet implemented Marketing Hub Enterprise in 2023. The goal was to achieve powerful marketing automation that would enable targeted, personalized marketing campaigns to be designed and implemented efficiently.

  • 30% more MQLs through
    email marketing

  • 25% time savings thanks to improved databases

  • 70% more leads


In 1999, the founders of LucaNet developed a software solution that fundamentally changed how financial data was consolidated and planned. What began as a small start-up has now become an international company with over 800 employees and a strong partner network that supports finance teams throughout the world. Today, LucaNet is the leading provider of corporate performance management solutions, offering easy-to-use solutions for financial statements and consolidation, financial planning and budgeting, disclosure management, ESG reporting, tax, treasury, and liquidity management.


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    At the start of 2023, LucaNet switched from using around nine different CRM accounts to a single Salesforce CRM account. This was the catalyst for implementing all marketing automation instances in HubSpot. The integration between different systems had previously posed a significant challenge. Data was often lost, as fields were not properly copied over, for example. This meant that a significant amount of manual work involving data correction and input was necessary. 

    Due to the use of different instances in different regions, there was no consistent approach in terms of marketing automation and process execution. This made the global coordination of processes and the implementation of marketing automation activities more complex.

    The existing systems provided only rudimentary options for setting up access rights for staff, leading to challenges in managing activities for marketing managers. The decentralization and separate entities made effective centralized management of marketing and sales activities very difficult. 

    “There were lots of different things being done in different ways. So, there really wasn’t much consistency,” says Imen Awag, Head of Revenue Marketing & Operations at LucaNet. “There was quite a bit of data loss, as some data was not properly copied over, even though we had organized it correctly.”

    LucaNet was also intensively using LinkedIn, in particular for lead generation forms. The integration of these forms into the existing system was also complex and time-consuming.

    In light of these challenges, LucaNet began looking for a more comprehensive, integrated solution in order to optimize its marketing and sales processes, which ultimately led them to HubSpot. The customer platform offered a solution with stronger data integration, improved permissions settings, more effective marketing automation functionality, and more seamless integration with platforms like LinkedIn and Salesforce.

    A Single Platform for Managing Customer Relationships

    The centralized CRM functionality of HubSpot enabled one single, consolidated platform for managing customer relationships. This allowed LucaNet to move away from its previous data silos. A centralized data source was established to provide a consistent, accurate view of customer engagement. This significantly improved the efficiency of customer data management and simplified data analysis.

    Additionally, Marketing Hub from HubSpot offered powerful tools for marketing automation and lead management. “This enabled us to develop and implement personalized, targeted marketing campaigns,” says Colleen Niemann, Senior Marketing Automation Manager at LucaNet. 

    „Die HubSpot-Tools verbessern nicht nur die Qualität und Relevanz der Kommunikation mit potenziellen und bestehenden Kundinnen und Kunden, sondern steigern auch die Effizienz der Marketingabteilung durch Automatisierung wiederkehrender Aufgaben.“
    Colleen Niemann
    Senior Marketing Automation Manager bei LucaNet

    Another important part of the solution was the improved integration with external platforms. The ability of HubSpot to connect seamlessly with other systems like Salesforce and LinkedIn simplified the processes of lead generation and customer management. “The integration enabled us to utilize valuable data from different sources and optimize our marketing and sales strategies,” says Imen Awag. 

    The implementation of HubSpot also led to improved scalability of business processes. HubSpot offers the flexibility and scalability to keep up with the changing requirements of LucaNet. This ensures that the company will also be able to implement efficient and effective marketing and sales strategies in the future.

    Seamless Data Transfer

    The implementation of HubSpot at LucaNet was an extensive, meticulously planned process, focusing on the seamless integration and adaptation of the customer platform to the specific needs of the company. The process began with a comprehensive preliminary analysis, where the existing business processes, marketing and sales strategies, and the existing CRM and automation systems were examined in detail. The goal was to develop a clear understanding of how HubSpot could fill the existing gaps and provide a more efficient, integrated solution.

    “The implementation of HubSpot did take quite a long time, but it was also very successful. Within around three months, we had reorganized all of our processes. It’s great how much more efficiently we now work with HubSpot,” says Colleen Niemann. “HubSpot is just incredibly flexible. If you can imagine it, then you can most likely do it with HubSpot.”

    A key element of the implementation was the intensive training and involvement of employees. LucaNet was keen to ensure that all team members—from marketing and sales to customer service—were not only familiar with the basic functionality of HubSpot, but also developed a detailed understanding of the advanced features and capabilities of the customer platform. This included dedicated training sessions, workshops, and regular follow-up sessions to answer questions and share best practices.

    Data migration was another critical issue. LucaNet needed to migrate large volumes of existing customer and engagement data from the various sources previously used over to HubSpot. This required careful planning to ensure that no data was lost and to guarantee data integrity.

    The technical integration of HubSpot with other systems, in particular with Salesforce, was another important step. This integration not only helped to ensure seamless data transfer, but also that the teams had access to a standardized, comprehensive data source. This included customizing interfaces and testing data flows to guarantee smooth functionality. 

    LucaNet prioritized continuous updates throughout the implementation process. This meant that user feedback was actively sought and utilized to optimize system configuration and the use of HubSpot on an ongoing basis. This approach not only helped to boost acceptance of the customer platform within the company, but also ensured that HubSpot could respond effectively to the company’s dynamic needs.

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