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Kameleoon Increases Leads by 4X in 6 Months With HubSpot

Hundreds of customers use Kameleoon's SaaS platform to give their website visitors an optimised, personalised experience, and it has recently expanded into three new markets. Kameleoon turned to HubSpot for a more powerful, integrated solution so that it could scale its marketing strategy and within six months, it increased its monthly leads by 4X and its website traffic by 2X.

  • 4x Increase in Leads

  • 2X Increase in Website Traffic

  • 3X Increase in Blog Traffic


Founded in France in 2012, Kameleoon has developed one of the most advanced user experience optimisation platforms in the marketplace. Its SaaS solution has A/B testing and personalisation features that allow marketing teams to create tailored experiences for their visitors and make the right decisions at the right time.


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    Conquering New Borders With Smarter Marketing

    Founded in 2012, French startup Kameleoon is a company on the rise. Hundreds of customers use its SaaS platform to give their website visitors an optimised, personalised experience, and it received a round of funding – €3M – in 2015. That allowed it to scale its international presence and to increase its marketing team from one member to seven. However, this rapid growth meant that it needed to take another look at its marketing strategy. According to Gregoire Thomas, Kameleoon’s Head of Marketing, it needed to start to get smarter about inbound marketing.

    “We were using many tools to achieve a lot of different goals. We were using Google Analytics, as well as MailChimp for emailing, Instapage for landing pages and Buffer for our social media activities. They didn’t play well together, and their lack of integration made it hard to move as fast as we wanted. We were losing time trying to consolidate our results throughout the different channels.”

    Kameleoon’s end goal was to produce more sales qualified leads by nurturing them through the buyer’s funnel. To do this, it needed an all-in-one platform with integration built-in as standard, where it could centralise its marketing actions and immediately see the impact they were making.

    “You could say we’re an example of inbound marketing in action,” says Gregoire. “All the members of our marketing department were long-time readers of the HubSpot blog and already fans. When we got to the stage where we were ready to make a software choice, we were all on the same page. The HubSpot Marketing Platform was the best fit and ultimately the only choice for us. We signed up in February 2016.”

    Making It Personal With Targeted Communications

    Kameleoon was already producing an impressive amount of content, including a blog, downloadable ebooks and whitepapers and updates about product launches and events. One of its first steps with the HubSpot software was to migrate each piece to an individual landing page – it has created over 100 so far. It has made each page personal, with smart content that adapts to the visitor’s language preference and smart CTAs that change based on their persona and stage in the marketing funnel.

    Kameleoon promotes every new blog post, article and downloads through the social tools. Then, once leads start interacting with the website, they are entered into Workflows and nurtured with targeted emails and offers.

    “We have a multilingual website and two different products, so Workflows with branching logic allow us to get granular about what content we send when we send it and to whom. We have developed some advanced content scenarios,” explains Gregoire.

    Segmenting and personalising lies at the heart of Kameleoon’s inbound strategy, and it uses the HubSpot software’s advanced features to make sure that its visitors get an experience that is just for them.

    Kameleoon is getting to know its visitors in a way that just wasn’t possible before, and it is using this knowledge to its best advantage. For example, some visitors get highly engaged with the content and download multiple pieces within a short space of time. Thanks to lead scoring, they can be fast-tracked through the marketing funnel and then passed to the sales department.

    “The alignment between sales and marketing is much better. We are getting more sales qualified leads, and our salespeople can have more informed conversations with them because they know what they are interested in and how they have interacted with us.”

    One of Kameleoon's primary goals was to get a bird’s eye view of its marketing strategy. Now, with the Marketing Analytics Dashboard, it can do just that. 

    Gregoire says that is the first thing the marketing team opens every morning. “As our team is able to do everything in one place, we know what works, what doesn’t and for whom. It is truly awesome."

    Innovative Inbound Producing Remarkable Results

    After partnering with HubSpot, Kameleoon started to see results “almost straight away.”

    “By April, we had gathered more leads than we had in the entire last quarter of 2015. By October, we had increased our overall leads by 4X. On top of that, we boosted our website traffic by 2X and our blog traffic by 3X.

    Moreover, these results are just the tip of the iceberg. Email open rates have more than doubled, the click-through rate has tripled, and the website’s global conversion rate is close to 3%.

    The company plans to keep the momentum going and build on its success both at home in France and across its new international markets. The HubSpot Marketing Platform will be critical to this, says Gregoire.

    “Kameleoon is a startup that’s growing super-fast. We’ve taken on new team members and more clients; we have international teams and a lot going on in terms of content production. The HubSpot software is going to help us scale our marketing efforts, increase traffic and generate more qualified leads for our sales team across all our markets.”



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