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How the Nutritional Coaching Institute consolidated 4 tools into 1 with HubSpot payments

The Nutritional Coaching Institute (NCI) was using several disparate tools to collect and track payments. Switching to HubSpot payments allowed NCI to consolidate its payment tools, and seamlessly combine its payment system with HubSpot CRM. Now, they can track payments from start to finish and gain instant insights.

  • 40% Increase in revenue YoY

  • 3+ Hours saved on reporting each week

  • 1 Tool consolidated from 4 previous tools

Nutritional Coaching Institute

The Nutritional Coaching Institute has helped nutrition coaches generate over $50M in revenue.


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    Watch the video
    Hear directly from Nick Ross at NCI about his experience with HubSpot payments.

    Disparate payments tools

    As the Nutritional Coaching Institute’s Sales Director, Nick Ross is in charge of growing and tracking revenue. The company used a variety of different payment tools, such as Ontraport, Stripe, and PipelinePRO, as well as third-party lenders. These were all disconnected tools, cobbled together to process payments. 

    For Nick, it was a nightmare. “It was complicating my job a lot because I couldn’t get everything into one centralized location to make sense of the reporting and analytics,” he explains. “I would have to spend time every day adding up the revenue from all these different pieces of software to figure out our top-line revenue.”

    A commerce-powered CRM

    When NCI switched over to HubSpot, they were initially worried that they would get lost in the shuffle. “We all have assumptions about what working with a big company is going to be like,” Nick recalls. “I worried that we would get forgotten about.” NCI had a big event coming up, and they needed their CRM and their payment platform to be up and running smoothly in a matter of weeks. 

    But Nick quickly saw that his worries were unfounded. “It was a world-class experience. The onboarding, the training, the support, we had everything that we needed to get off the ground and running before our biggest event. Five hundred people attended, and all of our payments were made possible with HubSpot payments. I’ll never forget that. It relieved a lot of the stress I had to receive that level of support.”

    A connected commerce system 

    With HubSpot payments in addition to HubSpot CRM, the Nutritional Coaching Institute sales team and their clients have more flexibility and payment customization options than ever before. 

    They use the quotes tool to collect payments and manage revenue within the CRM. They can build in-depth product line items with SKUs and descriptions and different payment types, or add delayed payment dates to offer more flexibility for their customers. “It allows us to work out the deal that is the best fit for our customers the first time around,” Nick says. 

    Today, NCI saves time and resources with an efficient, automated commerce process. For example, NCI's sales sales team gets automatically notified via email when a payment is processed. The sales team can create lists based on subscription status and reach out to clients whose payments fail. Then, the service team can use that information to instantly lock or unlock NCI's course offerings. 

    Connecting the full customer journey

    With the combined power of HubSpot CRM and HubSpot payments, NCI can track the entire customer journey, from lead generation all the way to collecting payment, as well as tracking the revenue generated from individual ads and landing pages. 

    “Now we know that when we spend X amount on ad spend, it generates this many leads, MQLs, SQLs, and converted sales, and how much revenue that produced. Having all of that information coming into one place makes it extremely easy to track,” Nick says.

    Connected insights

    Collecting these insights have allowed NCI to attribute leads more accurately and use that data to make valuable changes. For example, Nick discovered that the NCI website was attracting great leads worth millions of dollars per year without any Google Ad spend. He used that information to convince the C-Suite to upgrade the website and invest in SEO. “We wanted to add fuel to the fire, and it worked,” Nick says. “Since understanding that data, we’re now seeing more bookings off of our website than ever before.”

    $700,000 in revenue in 3 days 

    Since switching to HubSpot, the Nutritional Coaching Institute has seen a 40% increase in revenue YoY. “We’re able to use NPS score, promoter scores, and feedback surveys to continuously improve our business,” Nick says. 

    HubSpot payments has been instrumental in creating and streamlining revenue opportunities. Thousands of registrants have purchased courses through their website. 

    And that first big event after setting up HubSpot that Nick was so nervous about? 

    They made $700,000 in sales in a single weekend, and over $1.4 million total that month. “All of that was possible because of HubSpot payments and quotes,” he says.  

    Better data, more easily

    Nick used to spend at least three or four hours on reporting and tracking revenue from different platforms each week. With HubSpot, he has instant access to all of that data, all in one place. “Everything comes in automatically, and all of the reports are there,” he says. 

    Using HubSpot frees up more of his time to focus on tasks that matter: managing his sales team, being a supportive team leader, and reporting fast, accurate results to the C-Suite.

    “If you’re in my position as sales director and you’re chasing down numbers from a bunch of different sources and it’s stopping you from doing the sales management you want to be doing, then switch to HubSpot and HubSpot payments,” he says. “Get it all in one place, so you can support your team to the best of your ability. You want to be able to report up the chain of command and have the best possible answers to difficult questions. HubSpot can help you do that.”

    HubSpot is the most important software that we have in our company by far, bar none.
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