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Skriware automates communication with a few thousand leads thanks to HubSpot.

Discover how HubSpot helped Skriware automate communication with a few thousand leads, increasing schools registered for Skriware Academy platform for teachers to over 4000 thousand.

  • 5,000 new leads

  • 1,000 new registrations

  • 61% Email Open Rate


Skriware is a Polish company providing teachers and children with inspiring tools for learning based on the practical use of innovative technologies. The company has created its own educational laboratory SkriLab, based on: STEAM methodology, 3D printing and modeling, educational robots, programming tools and an online platform dedicated to teachers, which combines the development of soft and technical skills.


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    At the beginning of the current year Skriware, an EdTech startup from Poland and the Polish Institute of Educational Research created a project through which every primary school in Poland gained free access to educational content for teachers and technology-based lesson scenarios.

    It was a great gift for the Polish educational sector facilitating the use of 3D print, robotics and STEAM methodology during class, and it caught the attention of over 5000 thousand new leads, coming in very quickly!

    Enhanced lead organization and outstanding campaign Open/Click Rates

    Using Marketing Hub and the information given in the form, the company could organize the leads in a very time-efficient way. It was essential for the project’s success since each person who filled in the form had to receive an email with instructions and an activating code. This message got to almost 5500 teachers, with the OR of 61% and CTR among them at 80%. Many people filled in the form as a second or third person from the same school.

    Email automation in HubSpot allowed Skriware to identify a few groups of applicants and plan specific mailing campaigns to every group. We had a group of Super Coordinators who filled in the form, registered quickly and invited other teachers from their schools. Using HubSpot we could show them creative ways of using our platform so they get to know and use it super fast.  65%, almost 1000 people clicked the links from the email.

    Another group were people who filled in the form and did not register via the activation code, but we knew they clicked the “Register” button from the first email. Skriware was able to send them clear instructions and reminders about the unfinished process in the weeks following their application. An additional 250 registration processes were finished thanks to the communication plan in HS.

    Next was the group of people who applied but undertook no action at all. We used HubSpot mailing to encourage them to registration using different arguments. Regular communication allowed us to reach many people from this group. Well thought-out communication plan that underlined specific benefits of registration for the platform brought us over 1000 new clicks on the registration button.

    Maintaining Relationships

    Last but not least, there were the teachers who filled in the first form, but were a bit late and another teacher from their school already got the role of the school’s administrator for our Skriware Academy. In this case, to maintain a good relationship with every teacher we were able to inform them that someone else already registered at their school. We also used this situation to tell the other teachers that they should remind school coordinators to add the email addresses of other teachers to the school’s account.

    This project was a huge success for Skriware. Thanks to it we have already hit over 4000 thousand schools registered for our Skriware Academy platform for teachers and are close to hitting the 13 000 registered teachers level! We know that HubSpot and its outstanding implementation by Verseo took its part in the successful delivery of the project.

    Elżbieta Podgórny

    Head of Marketing & Communications


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