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OLX Romania Increased Business User Adoption by 153% with HubSpot

Leading marketplace OLX nurtured and grew a strong community of Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs) by implementing Inbound Marketing with HubSpot.

  • +153% Leads YoY

  • +468% MQLs YoY

  • +100% Response Rate


OLX is an online trading platform headquartered in Amsterdam operating in over 30 countries. It has a strong presence in Central and Eastern Europe, with Romania, in particular, having become a strategic hub where small and medium entrepreneurs are growing their businesses and increasing their sales and client portfolio.


Company Size:


Use Case:


    OLX appointed HubSpot Partner Beans United to implement HubSpot Marketing Hub and develop an Inbound Marketing strategy for user acquisition. The main objectives were lead generation, increasing website traffic, and coordinating marketing & sales activities

    Increased Website Traffic 

    OLX managed to increase website traffic and position itself as a community thought leader by creating a personalized content strategy built around inbound marketing best practices.

    In order to grow keyword rankings and improve topical authority, monthly SEO-optimized articles were created, with a focus on the buyer pain points, questions, and objectives. This involved custom designs for each page, web development using HubSpot CMS, and a flawless marketing-oriented setup for optimal campaign monitoring.

    Qualified Lead Generation

    Following comprehensive strategy sessions with its partner agency, Beans United, OLX implemented custom inbound marketing campaigns built around the primary pain points of its buyer personas. Premium content assets (ebooks, videos, and webinars) were created and promoted through specific email marketing campaigns and workflows in HubSpot. To generate awareness, organic tactics were paired with paid search and social media advertising. 

    Once potential buyers visited the landing pages developed in HubSpot, their actions were followed as they moved along the buyer's journey and were ultimately retargeted with bottom-of-the-funnel offers through paid advertisements. The leads who downloaded the premium content assets were enrolled in dedicated HubSpot lead nurturing workflows designed to progress them to the Consideration and Close stages. 

    One of the most successful inbound marketing campaigns was an on-demand webinar which was developed in partnership with a local eCommerce company, focusing on effective strategies to increase online sales. 80% of the audience was qualified and 53% of the contacts that interacted with the content advanced as MQLs. 

    Improved Lead Segmentation

    OLX created a specific list of eligibility criteria that was used to better qualify the prospects that were sent along to the sales team for processing. Additionally, a personalized lead scoring system was developed, allowing OLX to better prioritize high-converting leads. This all contributed to improved communication between sales and marketing. 

    Lastly, the data from the website and campaign landing pages was used for reporting. The return on investment which OLX made in Inbound Marketing, Partner services and HubSpot surpassed all expectations:

    • 153% Leads Increase YoY (2022 vs 2021)
    • 468% MQLs Increase YoY (2022 vs 2021)

    This HubSpot-powered inbound marketing partnership helped OLX Romania boost results through qualified lead generation, increased website traffic and customer loyalty, and better alignment between sales and marketing. 

    "With an analytical approach, a goal-oriented mindset, and a permanent can-do attitude, Beans United is one of the most efficient and reliable partners in reaching our lead generation objectives with HubSpot.”

    Florentina Popescu

    B2B Growth Manager

    OLX Business RO PT BG

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