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How Shipley Accelerated Lead Generation With HubSpot

Shipley Asia Pacific worked with HubSpot Professional Services to create an integrated, automated sales and marketing process that has accelerated lead generation and improved lead nurturing.

  • 63% increase in social media followers year over year

  • 27% increase in website traffic quarter over quarter

  • 28% increase in email open rates year over year

Shipley Asia Pacific

Shipley Asia Pacific is part of a global consulting practice that provides clients with consulting and training services on must-win bids. By working with Shipley Asia Pacific, customers are able to improve their business development performance, capabilities, and processes. Globally, Shipley supports clients on more than $300 billion worth of bids annually through offices in 14 countries.


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    Needing an Inbound Strategy

    Shipley Asia Pacific's marketing and sales teams’ primary goal was to grow their business in APAC by implementing an inbound marketing and sales strategy. To meet growing demand for their services and improve operational efficiencies, they also needed to standardize and automate their sales and marketing processes, as well as optimize their performance with data-driven decisions.

    Reimagining Tactics

    Under the guidance of a HubSpot consultant, Shipley’s marketing team began a comprehensive review of their lead generation and nurturing tactics. The team defined their lifecycle stages, customers' pain points and goals, and developed a curated content plan that met the needs of different customer archetypes. With these foundations, Shipley created a results-driven social media strategy, optimized their email campaigns, and launched a new blog to reach new prospects. Their HubSpot consultant used the weekly sessions to review Shipley’s content calendar and audit their email, social media, and website content to ensure they were optimized for views, clicks, and ultimately conversions.

    Running with the Results

    Soon after, Shipley started to see results from its new inbound lead generation strategy. To better engage, nurture, and convert these leads, the team—with the help of their consultant, Wai Yan—began to automate their lead nurturing campaigns. One example of this was targeting content based on leads' in Shipley's Accreditation Program purchase history and progress.

    “Wai Yan has helped us become more data driven in our marketing campaigns. She helps us interpret that data and set goals to hit each month. She also delivers advice from her experience with other clients and frequently suggests how we can make every campaign better,” says Julia Kracht, Marketing Coordinator at Shipley.

    The team also standardized its sales processes by having account managers update designated data points and complete follow-up actions at specific stages of their sales pipeline.

    To drive further impact, Shipley and their HubSpot consultant built custom sales pipeline reports and marketing dashboards to measure and optimize their campaign performance.

    Data-Driven Decisions

    Through the year-long engagement with their HubSpot Inbound Consultant, Shipley was able to develop an integrated and impactful set of marketing and sales activities tailored to their customers in APAC. In particular, the company was able to grow their social media followers by 63.7% YoY, increase their quarterly website traffic by 27.3%, and improve their email open rates by 28.6% YoY. 

    Cheryl Moffat, Customer Projects Manager at Shipley, emphasized the significant role their HubSpot consultant played in their success: "Wai Yan's role should be titled ‘business coach'! By sharing her knowledge of HubSpot and the marketing industry, she has helped our business grow."

    Shipley now has a single source of truth for tracking their sales and marketing performance and an integrated process to manage their leads and customers.

    In the coming months, Shipley will work with their HubSpot consultant to continue to optimize their blog for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and improve their email strategy to drive higher open and click-through rates. Director Martin Coombs says, "Of all the vendors that we have the good fortune to work with, Wai Yan’s contribution to our business has had the greatest impact. We look forward to that relationship continuing long into the future so that we can use HubSpot as the platform to secure even more business outcomes and value.” 

    "Our HubSpot consultant helped us become what we always wanted to become—a data driven business supported by online marketing campaigns that can be measured.”

    Martin Coombs

    Director, Shipley Asia Pacific

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