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How Travellers Autobarn doubled sales revenue with HubSpot

Struggling with inefficient processes and disparate tools, Travellers Autobarn turned to HubSpot for simplicity and agility. With HubSpot's user-friendly interface and robust suite, they achieved a 30% conversion rate, doubled online sales volume, and optimized their full-funnel marketing strategy, unlocking significant time savings and business transformation

  • 2x Increase in online sales - growing from 25% to 50% of the sales made

  • 30% Conversion from newsletter sign up to customer booking

Travellers Autobarn

One of Australia's most iconic vehicle rental businesses, Travellers Autobarn has a long and storied history of providing unparalleled travel experiences to citizens and tourist alike.


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Use Case:


    Inefficient processes and platforms

    In the ever-evolving landscape of travel and rental services, Travellers Autobarn found themselves at a crossroads, where they were seeking a unified solution to streamline operations and fuel growth. Having been using several disparate tools, the team needed a solution that would allow them to be agile and time-effective while implementing a full-funnel marketing strategy that would set them up for success in the years to come.

    When it came to choosing a platform, it wasn't just about technology; it was about simplicity. HubSpot’s user-friendly interface aligned with how the Travellers Autobarn team needed to be able to work and collaborate. This ease of use was a point of distinction when evaluating platforms and set HubSpot apart from tools like Marketo and Sugar that were also being explored. Separate to the tool itself, the HubSpot team's support and commitment added a layer of confidence. Speaking to Traveller’s Autobarns Marketing & Sales Manager, Bastian Graf, he shared that when it came to the team learning and implementing a new tool, the HubSpot ecosystem of support, knowledge docs, and Customer Success "gave me the confidence that if something goes wrong, help is here".


    Full-funnel Implementation

    Over the years, Travellers Autobarn have implemented a wide range of HubSpot tools across the Marketing and Sales Hubs, with their portals expanding to account for the Australian, New Zealand and now US arms of the business. HubSpot's reports, automation capabilities, segmentation tools, and features like blogs, landing pages, and SEO optimization have been instrumental. Bastian credits the HubSpot reporting capabilities in particular with empowering them to achieve transparency on their performance in ways they were unable to previously. He can now meticulously measure every aspect of their digital presence.

    From here they’ve been able to:

    • Refine their content strategy
    • Effectively optimise SEO efforts
    • Establish and grow a successful lead nurturing strategy that spans the full customer journey, from newsletter sign up right through to customer conversion.


    Impressive sales results and business transformation

    Reflecting on their journey, Bastian shared how instrumental the full suite of tools has been in getting to where they are today. Between content tools like blogs, landing pages and SEO, the segmentation abilities and the automation they have built; Travellers Autobarn have amassed some impressive results:

    • Significant growth, with online sales volume doubling from representing 25% of their sales, to 50% in 2023.
    • 30% conversion rate from newsletter sign up to customer conversion - something they were previously unable to track and have seen rise since implementing HubSpot.
    • An open rate in lead nurturing content that is as high as 40% - something they’ve been able to get to by steadily tweaking their automations on a quarterly basis
    • Extensive time savings due to the automation of emails and tasks and the ability to manage everything from the one place rather than jumping in between disparate systems

    While the metrics certainly tell a compelling story of success, it’s about more than that. The team have learned so much about how to write the right content for their audience, and between this and the SEO tracking, have been able to get the site content performing at a level that now just requires observation and the occasional adaptation. This frees the team up to develop in other areas, like their abandoned cart nurturing and exploring integrating AI into their strategy.

    Things we never thought we could do, or things we never thought to do, have all been surfaced and/or made possible in HubSpot.
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