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Swapfiets Enhances Global Mobility and Customer Care, Shortening Response Time Significantly with Service Hub

Swapfiets needed to streamline their customer service process to quickly address and resolve issues and keep members on their bikes. With HubSpot, Swapfiets dramatically shortened ticket response time and improved member experience.

  • 1 Week maximum response time instead of months

  • 5 Tools consolidated onto HubSpot

  • 40,000 Tickets resolved every month


Swapfiets is the world’s first ‘bicycle as a service’ company. Founded 2014 in the Netherlands, the scale-up quickly developed being one of the leading micro mobility providers in Europe with a total of over 280.000 members in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Denmark, France, Spain, Austria and the UK.


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    The Challenge

    Long resolution times and service disruptions 

    Swapfiets believes in an ideal that’s bigger than just riding bikes. They’re committed to realizing more livable cities, operating within a circular business model that positively impacts people and the planet. But they can’t fulfill this mission without high-quality service.

    The B Corp operates in eight countries with more than 280,000 members. Their 135 customer service agents receive more than 40,000 tickets a month—a heavy lift made heavier by outdated technology. 

    The customer service team relied on an underutilized Zendesk platform with many legacy workflows. There wasn’t a single source of truth, so data was everywhere and the platform lacked the necessary functionalities to effectively handle the existing volume and complexity of customer needs. Despite the agents’ best efforts, some tickets sat unaddressed for months on end. 

    The team also lacked actionable data or insights, preventing them from proactively improving processes. Swapfiets was concerned that these issues would disrupt daily member experiences and ultimately decrease retention. 

    The Solution

    Streamlined interactions keep members on the road

    To turn the tide, Swapfiets decided to scale their support offerings with a solution that could handle their complexities and offer greater customer insights as they expanded.

    After putting five options in a head-to-head test, the Swapfiets team chose HubSpot, whose comprehensive product suite would future-proof their customer service experience. 

    “After a deep dive into different solutions, we decided to go for HubSpot because it offered a whole suite and not only a ticketing system,” says Christoph Eilers, Senior Project Manager, Swapfiets. 

    Within just four months, Swapfiets successfully onboarded Hubspot’s Service Hub, which streamlined member interactions by providing agents with complete histories of past engagements for quicker, more relevant responses. Pleased with those improvements, Swapfiets expanded their HubSpot ecosystem with Marketing Hub. They then adopted Aircall as their new telephony system, effectively utilizing the HubSpot Aircall integration to further enhance service capabilities. 

    Today, when members contact Swapfiets, agents have the complete interaction history at their fingertips. They provide better answers, facilitating quicker resolution that gets members back on their bikes—and back to their lives—faster.

    “We can adapt HubSpot to how we want it to be and how we want to visualize things for how they work for Swapfiets,” says Davide Paresch, Customer Support Specialist, Swapfiets.

    The Transformation

    A worry-free experience for members

    Adopting HubSpot enabled the Swapfiets team to optimize their customer service experience. Resolving more tickets in less time builds member trust, and adopting a more proactive stance to customer issues has helped drive retention and improve customer satisfaction. 

    Advances include:

    • A holistic view of member interactions, leading to faster, more personalized responses
    • Automated ticket tracking and prioritization
    • Data insights that identify agent coaching opportunities
    • The ability to test and measure the impact of process changes
    • Significantly improved call quality and routing, resulting in quicker, more reliable service
    • Soliciting member feedback post-interaction uncovers new opportunities and deepens the partnership


    For Swapfiets, awesome service starts with our colleagues interacting with customers in our stores and through our Customer Service team, Swapdesk. HubSpot's Service Hub is helping to provide our staff with the right tools to be more proactive and efficient so that our members can enjoy worry-free biking.

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