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Vinomofo Sees 120x Return On Investment with HubSpot

Since implementing HubSpot and MessageMedia, Vinomofo centralised their data, automated communications in a personal way at scale, and created a truly omnichannel experience for their customers.

  • 120x return on investment

  • 21% increase in sales conversion

  • 50% improvement in customer re-engagement


Vinomofo is one of the biggest online retailers for wine in Australia. Vinomofo prides itself on their curated wine selections as well as the special deals it offers customers that “cannot be matched."


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    Disjointed systems and no central source of truth

    Prior to using HubSpot and MessageMedia, Vinomofo had a myriad of tools across multiple different systems, none of which communicated with each other. This resulted in fragmented customer data across their toolset, and no central source of truth for the team to utilise or build out their marketing and sales capabilities from. Along with this, Vinomofo had no way of telling what communications their customers were receiving and this had a knock-on effect on their customer service. “We didn’t have one source of truth for the customer and none of our previous systems spoke to one another. We did not have visibility over what marketing communications each customer was receiving, which impacted our customer service team.”

    As an online wine retailer, Vinomofo recognised that having data you can trust and use is key to providing a great customer experience. It opens the door to a more tailored, personalised marketing capability that caters for the individual tastes and preferences of each customer, and Vinomofo knew they could level up this experience by consolidating their tools and data into an all-in-one solution. “Like anything, wine is subject to personalised taste so it’s important we only send deals to our mofos (customers) which we know they’ll love. If you’ve placed 20 orders in your lifetime, mostly reds and not one of them Sauvignon Blanc, we can kind of assume this isn’t your thing. The more personalised we are, the better results we see.”

    Automation and personalisation at scale

    Vinomofo began searching for a solution with the goals of streamlining their processes and tools for a holistic customer view, and increasing sales through personalised, engaging experiences. It was at this point they came across HubSpot’s all-in-one tools that could enable them to consolidate their data, and drive sales through automating and personalising customer communications on a large scale. “We needed a single customer view and source of truth that allowed us to personalise at scale. With HubSpot, we could get that source of truth and have everything feed into it, and this would allow us to really enhance our customer communications and experience.”

    The company also wanted to provide this personalisation over multiple channels, where customers could kick off a conversation over live chat, follow up with email, talk through details over the phone, and get updates and personalised offers via SMS — all without skipping a beat. It was at this point they discovered MessageMedia, whose SMS platform could be integrated with HubSpot to provide a truly omnichannel experience. HubSpot provided the ability to live chat and automatically send personalised emails at scale, while MessageMedia catered for SMS. “We knew that HubSpot would provide us with a central source of truth and the ability to personalise and automate email communications. Integrating this with MessageMedia’s SMS platform gave us the power to provide a consistent experience to customers over the most important channels.”

    Creating a truly omnichannel customer experience

    After onboarding with HubSpot, Vinomofo used the Academy to get up to speed with HubSpot’s tools. They also leaned on their Customer Success Manager with questions that they couldn’t answer via the Academy, and for strategic advice and solutions. “The Academy is really useful and allows you to learn on the job rather than having previous Hubspot experience. Our Customer Success Manager is always available for any questions and provides useful alternatives if not possible. The Customer Support inbox is incredibly useful, with quick response times.”

    Vinomofo automated manual processes through the use of the Workflows and Emails tools, also using these to personalise the communications each customer received. This wasn’t only limited to customer communications, Vinomofo also used HubSpot to automate internal notifications and keep their team in the loop. With HubSpot firmly in place, they supercharged their communications with MessageMedia’s SMS capabilities, implementing the ability to effectively promote offers, onboard customers and run re-engagement campaigns across multiple channels. “Using the joint capabilities of HubSpot and MessageMedia meant we could create integrated, consistent interactions across all customer touchpoints and really build out an omnichannel customer experience.”

    120x return on investment

    Since implementing HubSpot and MessageMedia, Vinomofo have achieved some phenomenal results. They’ve seen a whopping 120x return on investment, as well as a 21% increase in sales conversion. Not only that, but they also gained a 50% improvement in customer re-engagement. Asked if she would recommend HubSpot to a peer or colleague, Jobeth said: “Yes I would. It’s really simple and intuitive to use and if you ever can’t figure something out the customer support is amazing. There are so many integrations available, including MessageMedia, and the team are always open to suggestions.”

    While results have been spectacular so far, Vinomofo aren’t done just yet. They’re hoping to further expand their use of HubSpot and MessageMedia tools in the future and provide even more value to their customers in doing so. “We want to expand our Wine Dealer team as an offering. It’s a free, opt-in service which is a huge benefit for our customers, but we can do more. Once we have the whole team within Hubspot, we will be able to set internal notifications, schedule calendars, and provide more targeted messaging for these valuable customers.”
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