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Webikeo Increases Revenue by Over 100% with HubSpot

Webikeo signed up with HubSpot and its lead generation department has already achieved some remarkable results. Its leads have increased by 220%, while revenue has been boosted by over 100%.

  • 100% increase in revenue

  • 220% increase in leads


Webikeo is a professional content broadcasting website that hosts webinars on a multitude of business topics, including marketing, e-commerce, finance, IT and human resources.


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    Seeking a Platform for Smarter Marketing

    Founded in 2013, Webikeo has hosted over 10,000 webinars to date. With its platform, clients can not only prepare their webinars but also improve their content, train their speakers and organise their communications plans. The web is Webikeo’s natural habitat, so inbound marketing has been a part of its business model since day one. However, by 2017, it was ready to level up its activities.

    “At the time, we were using a variety of point solutions, but they didn’t integrate well together, and it was difficult to automate repetitive tasks. We found that we were wasting much time, and we couldn’t prove the ROI of our work,” explains Adrien Boulard, Head of Acquisition with Webikeo.

    The company realised that all-in-one marketing automation platform could help solve all of those issues – the challenge was to select the right one.

    “In a prime example of inbound marketing in action, our CEO read a book by the founders of HubSpot, which led him to the HubSpot software. It had everything we were looking for. It was easy to use, and its smart automation features would allow us to connect up our activities and get our sales team the volume of leads they needed. We did our due diligence and evaluated several other platforms, but none of them offered such an obvious route to success. We signed up with HubSpot in September 2017.”

    Creating a Blueprint for Success

    Webikeo got started by using HubSpot Marketing Hub to create a complete buyer’s journey for its prospects. It set up a resources library and filled it with whitepapers, infographics, webinars and case studies. It uses Calls-to-Action and Forms to convert visitors into leads and then nurtures them with Workflows relevant to their interests and stage in the funnel.

    “We love the automation features. We’re now able to produce email campaigns that run themselves and give every potential customer the personalised attention they deserve. Then, with HubSpot Analytics, we can monitor how effective we’re being and adjust our actions accordingly,” says Adrien.

    The company also uses the HubSpot CRM, which is helping to bolster alignment between its marketing and sales departments.

    “We’re not only getting our salespeople lots of leads but with the CRM, they can see at a glance how each prospect has interacted with us, as well as their interests and pain points. The sales team love how much context they have now. It allows them to completely tailor their approach, which ultimately results in more closed deals.”

    Adrien says that getting up and running with the HubSpot software was a straightforward process.

    “Our HubSpot customer success manager has been great. We hadn’t done automation before, and he helped us to set up Workflows that drive prospects down the funnel. We still have regular calls with him about big-picture stuff and how to promote growth. The HubSpot Academy is also incredibly useful. The training is first class; I’ve already completed two certifications, and I’m planning on taking more in the future.”

    Incredible Results in Just 10 Months

    According to Adrien, the HubSpot software has been Webikeo’s springboard to inbound success.

    “We’re leveraging our content in a much more effective way, and our prospects value the personal touch.  Our goal was to double our leads – they’ve increased by 220% in 10 months. We’ve also made improvements to our bottom line. Revenue is up by over 100%, and the sales team have a new appreciation of just how powerful marketing can be.”

    Two hundred and forty thousand people have already attended a webinar hosted by Webikeo, and it has no intentions of resting on its laurels.

    “We’ve big plans for the future, and the HubSpot software will play a part in them. We think it’s the best platform in the marketplace, and it’s backed by all the guidance and support that we could ever need. We’re delighted; in fact, we’ve just renewed our HubSpot contract!”



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