Zapier Doubles Its Conversion Rate with HubSpot

With a 100% remote workforce and no sales team, Zapier needed a marketing solution to provide targeted content to its B2B customers. Since implementing HubSpot CRM Platform, Zapier has doubled its conversion rate and now delivers content based on user persona. With a 100% remote workforce and no sales team, Zapier needed a marketing solution to provide targeted content to its B2B customers. Since implementing HubSpot CRM Platform, Zapier has doubled its conversion rate and now delivers content based on user persona.

2X Conversion rate

50% Increase in demo uptake

Landing Customers With No Sales Team

Zapier prides itself on innovation, as its 100% remote workforce can attest.

Having a completely remote team isn’t its only innovation. Without a sales team, Zapier relies on lead nurturing and content marketing to land new customers.

This model worked fine for individual leads. Individual users tend to have similar questions, so Zapier could anticipate and address those questions by delivering content with its email tools.

But with its renewed focus on landing more business accounts, Zapier needed a solution that could track information for these multi-user accounts.

“One-size-doesn’t-fit-all at the company level,” says Lindsay Rothlisberger, Marketing Operations, Zapier. “They all have different problems they’re trying to solve, and we needed an email tool that could address their uniqueness at both the individual and company level.”

Zapier knew they needed to nurture multi-user leads with more targeted information, but they had no way of knowing what information different types of businesses needed—and when.

Zapier tried to bridge this gap in knowledge with its product demos. When businesses sign up for a free trial, they’re given the option of signing up for a one-to-one demo. Zapier would make note of questions that came up during the demo to better understand what types of businesses had what types of questions.

But the team had no way to report on these findings aside from plugging them into a spreadsheet, making it nearly impossible to spot trends.

Lindsay and her team decided they needed a solution that could segment multi-user leads and deliver more targeted content while being easy to implement and manage long term.

“We didn’t want to invest in a tool that would need an entire team to run it,” says Lindsay.

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Targeted Content Delivered at the Right Time

“HubSpot was easy to implement and we were able to get our team members to adopt the tool within the first two months,” says Lindsay.

Zapier is experiencing the following benefits with HubSpot:

Tracking product feedback

Customer feedback gathered from demos no longer sits in a spreadsheet. Instead, it’s managed by leveraging HubSpot custom objects.

“We use a custom object to track and spot trends in product feedback that we can associate with different types of users based on revenue,” says Lindsay. “We collect and tag this feedback and then share it across the organization. It’s been really effective.”

Delivering content based on user persona

With the feedback garnered from demos, Lindsay and her team are tailoring content to address common questions at the time they’re most likely to arise.

They’ve set up email sequences and based the content on whether the company is a purchaser, existing Zapier user or new to Zapier.

"Being able to automatically personalize communications by segmenting with personas has had a big impact on our business,” says Lindsay.

Centralized reporting

With everything in one place, Lindsay and her team now have the reporting they were missing.

“We had to pull reports from different internal systems before, but with HubSpot we have everything in one place,” says Lindsay.

Zapier is also setting and reporting on goals to see how well they’re converting leads. Lindsay can see how many trial users signed up for a demo, whether they upgraded, and how long it took them to upgrade.

Self-serve for remote teams

With HubSpot, Zapier teams can access the system and self-serve to get the information they need without having to go through the marketing team.

“We set up a few dashboards in HubSpot so that teams can easily go in and self-serve without much support from us,” says Lindsay. “It’s allowed us to focus on innovation instead of maintenance.”


Through it all, Lindsay has been very happy with the support she’s gotten from HubSpot. She continues to meet with her account management team weekly. And when she struggled a bit with editing tools, she got immediate support through HubSpot’s live chat.

“I love HubSpot support,” says Lindsay. “I’m a big fan.”

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2X Conversions and 50% More Demo Uptake

With the help of HubSpot CRM platform tools, Zapier has doubled conversions and increased the amount of demos to date by 50%.

“Today, twice as many people are converting and signing up for a company plan after starting their free trial,” says Lindsay. “That’s a huge success for us.”

Now that Zapier has HubSpot CRM in place, information about customers and leads is shared seamlessly among marketing, business operations and customer success teams—something that’s particularly important for a company that’s 100% remote.

“HubSpot houses all the information about a customer, including every touchpoint, under one roof so everyone’s looking at the same thing,” says Lindsay. “It makes the handoff between teams easy.”

Even with all these great results, Lindsay feels she’s just getting started.

“We’ve just scratched the surface with HubSpot,” says Lindsay. “We look forward to setting up lead scoring models and triggered campaigns to drive people to the free trial nurture sequence. There’s a lot more to come for us, and we’re very excited!”

About Zapier

Zapier is on a mission to make automation easy and accessible for everyone. Zapier is a subscription-based service that integrates 2,000+ apps, such as Salesforce, Intuit, Google and Dropbox, to move data between them automatically. Zapier’s workforce is 100% remote, with teammates spanning 36 US states and 30 countries around the world.

Industry: Software

Company Size: Mid-Market 25-200 employees

Location: United States

Software: Marketing, Sales

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