Spanish Partner InboundCycle Doubles Revenue Year on Year with HubSpot

InboundCycle is an inbound marketing agency, based in Barcelona, Spain. When CEO Pau Valdés discovered inbound marketing, he knew it would resonate well with Spanish businesses, many of whom were struggling in the recession. He also recognised that this new approach would provide a stable and secure business model for his fledgling agency. He established InboundCycle in 2011, becoming the first HubSpot partner in Spain. Over the last 4 years, the agency has grown from strength to strength and is looking forward to a promising future.


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About InboundCycle

InboundCycle is the first native Inbound Marketing Agency in Spain and Latin America. Founded in 2011, the company has grown to become the first Spanish speaking HubSpot platinum partner. InboundCycle is based in Barcelona, Spain.

Becoming the First Spanish Speaking HubSpot Partner

Prior to establishing InboundCycle, Pau Valdés had an extensive background in agency work and was acutely aware of the dangers of unpredictable project work on the health of an agency. He was wary of setting up a new agency, especially given unstable economic environment at the time, but after reading about inbound marketing he realised that he had found “the piece that I was looking for, in terms of how to drive an agency business.”

Pau established InboundCycle in early 2011 with his business partner David Tomás, General Manager of Cyberclick, an affiliated Spanish digital marketing company. Initially, Pau tried to implement the inbound marketing methodology both for himself and his first clients using a range of different tools, but it wasn't efficient. Pau says, “we tried to implement inbound marketing services without technology, but it was overwhelming. As soon as we started using HubSpot, everything became simplified.” InboundCycle decided to partner with HubSpot in 2011 and, in doing so, became the first partner in a Spanish speaking market.

"Inbound marketing and HubSpot was the piece that I was looking for, in terms of how to drive an agency business."

Pau Valdés



Building An Agency in A Recessionary Climate

InboundCycle helps companies of any size, from startups to multinationals, transition to an inbound marketing strategy. Thanks to it’s measurability and cost effectiveness, the ethos of inbound marketing resonates strongly with businesses in the local Spanish market, many of whom suffered in the recession. These businesses need to justify every euro spent on marketing and with HubSpot’s Analytics, Pau can quickly and easily demonstrate the return on investment.  

For many of their clients, brand awareness is a core problem.  Berta Hernández, Marketing Director, explains, “Our clients have good products and services but people could not find them.” Using HubSpot apps like Blogging, Landing Pages and Workflows have helped them solve these problems for their clients. Berta says, “our clients are now getting more visitors, more leads, more marketing qualified leads and brand awareness has increased too.”

Using HubSpot’s software alongside the inbound marketing methodology provides InboundCycle with a repeatable cadence that works time and again. Berta says, “using an all-in-one platform like HubSpot makes it easier for us to build an inbound marketing strategy for our customers.”  

InboundCycle have now been in business over 4 years and the support they have received from HubSpot has been instrumental to their success. However, the nature of that support has changed as the business has grown. Aniol Quer, Sales Director, explains, “At first, we were having a lot of educational conversations about how to implement HubSpot and set up our processes correctly, but now we talk more strategically about how to grow our agency.”

Over those 4 years, awareness of inbound marketing has also changed significantly. Aniol says, “every year more and more people know more and more about inbound marketing and HubSpot.” This has helped InboundCycle accelerate growth. Aniol explains, “our customers are now doing part of the work for us, they are referring us to their friends and colleagues and they’re spreading the word about inbound marketing.”

"Our clients have good products and services but people could not find them. Inbound marketing solves that problem."

Berta Hernandéz

Marketing Director


Growing Well, With The Right Customers

InboundCycle is now a team of 15 full time employees, supporting over 35 customers and is continuously growing but, notably, not at any cost. Pau says, “we’re focused on growing well, and with the right customers.” He elaborates, “they have to be interested in inbound marketing and how it can help them grow”. This can sometimes mean turning down business if there is not a good match in terms of mindset or product / service fit.

But for those customers where there is a match, the rewards of partnering with InboundCycle are great. The team are proud of the impact their work has had on their customers businesses. Berta highlights that one customer, for example, started a blog from scratch and generated over 60,000 organic visits within the first year!

Berta believes partnering with HubSpot is a smart choice for prospective agencies to future proof their business model. She says, “inbound marketing is the future, and there will be lots of opportunities to grow your business.”

Partnering with HubSpot has provided Pau with a stable and scalable business model, something that was acutely missing in his previous business. He says, "We have been doubling revenue during the last 3 years and we're planning on growing 100% this year. It's great knowing that we'll be growing with HubSpot over the next years."

"Our customers are now doing part of the work for us, they are referring us to their friends and colleagues and they’re spreading the word about inbound marketing."

Aniol Quer

Sales Director


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