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    • HubSpot Services Champion January 2013
    • Yahoo Acount Manager All-Star 2011


    • Google Webmaster Tools
    • Inbound Marketing Certified 

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    Quotes from Mike's Customers

    • "Mike is very knowledgeable and detail oriented, which makes him easy to work with and a great asset to our department." - Nat Taylor, Jumptap
    • "Mike Lemire is my Mary Poppins." - Joanna Stasuk, Bartizan



    Mike has spent his career in digital marketing.  He started at Blue Note Records helping drive users to their iTunes artists' pages. Once he was done with all that jazz....he moved onto LBI Media as a media buyer. Mike planned and bought media on behalf of Universal Music Group, Spike TV, and The Florida Panthers. From there he moved onto Yahoo, where he executed digital marketing campaigns with Obama for America, LivingSocial, Ann Taylor, 2K Games, ASPCA, Kroger and US Bank.

    At HubSpot he loves working with new clients and exploring the world of inbound marketing with them. When Mike isn't HubSpotting he spends his time singing classical music or listening to Jazz.  He has been singing with the Boston symphony Orchestra and Boston Pops since 2010.  Feel free to shoot him an email or a tweet about inbound marketing, jazz, classical, or 90's hip-hop!

    Mike's Recent Blog Post

    How to Set SMART Marketing Goals for 2013

    The 2013 marketing goal setting template will help you set yearly, quarterly, monthly, even daily goals that are realistic and measurable, and help you figure out how to actually hit those 2013 goals with ... you know ... a plan. Read full post...

    Timeless, Not at All Offensive Snippets From a 1964 Marketing Textbook

    Why am I reading a marketing textbook from 1964? Let me explain. My co-worker Mike Lemire came bounding gleefully to my desk the other day, fresh off a lovely weekend in the sun. But that's not why he was skipping along so merrily. No no ... it was because he had in his hands a big fat chunk of marketing BS in the form of a 1964 educational textbook, and he was so pumped to share it with me. Read full post...

    Testimonials from Mike's Customers

    "I wanted to take the AmeriFirst Home Mortgage website views and increase them by at least 50%. In the time Mike offered his consulting expertise, we’ve actually seen about an 80% increase, while maintaining a great LTV conversion rate. Mike’s honest consulting style really sets him apart and makes him a valuable asset to any marketing strategy. He calls me out when I’m not following through, and shows me the positives and negatives of my marketing strategy. He’s also a very personable guy, down to Earth and easy to brainstorm with when it comes to new ideas. Be sure to ask him to sing for you, too."  - Dan Moyle, Amerifirst Home Mortgage 

    "What I like about Mike’s approach to the challenges that face us is that he listens to our issues, he is a creative thinker and is part of our team, truly. And it doesn’t hurt that Mike has a fine sense of humor. Every metric by which we measure our marketing results is up, way up, as a result of working with Mike. The number of visitors to our Website is up substantially, as is our open and click through rates. We see our Linkedin and Twitter followers growing exponentially. I have recommended HubSpot in general and Mike in particular to many of my friends. As a result of working with Mike, I’ve become something of an inbound marketing evangelist. The only friends that don’t get to hear my Hubspot spiel are those who compete with us. I am very content to have them continue to market the old-fashioned way. Our entire marketing approach has changed as a result of working with Mike." - Lew Hoff & Joanna Stasuk, Bartizan


    “When I started at my current job I knew little about the benefits inbound marketing could provide, especially for a technology company. iCorps had historically relied on pay-per-click advertising and list buying to generate most of our leads. Since I started working with Mike and the HubSpot team, we’ve stopped using PPC and outsourced lists, while simultaneously growing our organic traffic by 43% in less than a year and a half. Our online presence has improved immensely as well as a result of Mike’s strategic guidance, now utilizing LinkedIn and Twitter to reach a larger portion of our target audience. Our blog – which we began on Mike’s suggestion – has grown into one of the most visited pages on the site. We have truly transformed our approach to marketing, trusting Mike’s advice every step of the way, and it’s paying off – big time.” - Laura Pelkey iCorps Technologies


    Case Studies Featuring Mike's Customers

    Mortgage Financing Success Story : AmeriFirst Home Mortgage

    • 1316% increase in leads
    • 546% increase in web traffic

    CrossCheck Sees 69% Increase in Revenue Using HubSpot & Inbound Marketing

    • 69% increase in revenue in two years
    • 112% increase in lead volume in two years

    Paranet Increases Organic Leads By 2000% Using HubSpot

    • 2000% increase monthly organic leads
    • 148% increase in web traffic

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