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Shift your focus from connecting data and systems to building deeper, more durable connections with and between customers — all at a better value to your business. Keep reading to learn the latest updates from HubSpot to transform how your customers engage and buy.
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What's New

Our latest feature updates for INBOUND 2022 offer more than just software; they offer a better way to grow. With flexible, customized experiences on a connected platform support your data, your pipeline, and above all else, your customers. 

Learn about our new vision for a more connected customer experience.

A Shift in the Tide

Adapting to today's distributed and dynamic world has tested how we engage as companies, interact with our customers, and support each other as peers. These challenges have made growing a business not just difficult, but seemingly impossible. The go-to-market strategies we’ve grown to trust and rely on aren’t working anymore. Hitting numbers is getting frustratingly tough. These growing pains aren’t just normal business lows, they’re global impacts.

We're in a crisis of disconnection.

In a disconnected world, the point solutions and playbooks that have driven business growth for the past decade won't work for the next one.

We're entering a new era of growth: the age of the connected customer, and to grow better, companies need to refocus on the only thing that truly matters: building deep, durable connections with and between customers.

And HubSpot is here to help. 

With HubSpot's commerce-powered CRM platform, you can connect your data, your customers, and your community all in one place. 

The end result? A better connected company, a better connected community, and a better connected customer experience at an even better value to your business.

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HubSpot has been named a Leader in the 2022 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for B2B Marketing Automation Platforms for the second year.

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Connected Applications

HubSpot's suite of engagement hubs give customers all the tools they need to connect with buyers and customers in the most efficient and effective way possible.
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Easily attract, segment, and connect with customers through personalized emails, ads, lead generation tools, and easy-to-use yet powerful marketing automation.

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Sell smarter with productivity and sales tools using seamlessly connected templates, documents, conversation intelligence, payments, and meeting scheduling — eliminating friction at every step.

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Prioritize a connected customer experience and deliver authentic support quickly with help desk tools like a shared inbox, live chat, tickets, and more.

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Quickly transform your website with tools like a drag-and-drop editor, flexible themes, forms, and more to create a website experience that keeps up with your customers’ expectations.

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Connect, clean, and report on your customer information using features like custom properties and field mappings to keep your business aligned and efficient as you scale.

Connect your customers through one unified platform, so you have less tools to sift through and one clear lens to analyze insights.

Optimize Your Omni-Channel Experience

Companies that want to win need a central location to protect their most critical data. We are entering a cookieless, privacy-first world, and with that comes a lot of responsibility. To do right by our customers and our customers' customers, HubSpot is working on building an integration with Google’s Enhanced Conversions (EC) for web and proactively enhancing your ad strategy with ad conversion events.

Gone are the days of questioning campaign performance or marketers not getting credit where it's due. With marketing campaigns, you can turn tactics into fully orchestrated campaigns. With marketing campaigns, teams can collaborate using one unified calendar and comments threads, have a task list connected to assets, view revenue and deal attribution straight within the tool, add budgetary numbers for better reporting, and so much more. Now, every marketer can measure engagement and performance across channels, all the way to purchase. Campaigns are truly the command center, that one-stop-shop, for your entire marketing team to gather around, and create beautifully orchestrated and omni-channel experiences for your customers.

With customer journey analytics (now in beta), you can now see every engagement, and understand exactly what works, and what doesn’t. You can view all of your marketing activities together (across ads, email, page views, media, and more), see the multiple paths that prospects and customers take with your brand, and better optimize moments that matter to increase conversion.

Customize With Full Confidence

Do you wish your pipeline gave your teams better customer insights? With board card configuration, admins can increase access to customer insights by selecting up to four properties to display board cards of all pipeline objects - from deals and tickets to custom objects. With key information upfront and center, sales leaders can manage deals easier and close deals faster.

Additional improvements to deal management include team goals, fiscal forecasting, a stronger integration across deals and forecasting, and a new goals tool. With these new functionalities, you can modify your CRM to display which properties and deals matter most to your business, so high-priority initiatives stay top-of-mind.

Cultivate Deeper Customer Relationships

Imagine the ability for marketing teams to send highly personalized messages at precisely the right time, and build long-lasting customer relationships. Now, further imagine full service desk features that meet your customers where they are on their preferred channel.

With our latest WhatsApp integration (in beta), teams can connect a WhatsApp business account as a messaging channel in the shared inbox and communicate with prospects and customers, all while storing important conversations at the contact level in the CRM. 

HubSpot’s mission to help millions of organizations “grow better” is only made possible when we connect customers to customers. That’s why we launched inbound calling this year, so reps can place outbound and receive inbound calls right to their personal phones. Phone numbers acquired through HubSpot allow you to easily record, transcribe, and coach straight within the comfort of a CRM (currently available in the US, UK, and Canada only).

Make a Lasting Impression

Making the best first impression just got easier with HubSpot’s free CMS. A company's website is often the first touch point a prospective customer has with that business, making it a crucial marketing asset. Growing businesses need to be able to customize their websites to fit their brands and business needs — without blowing their budget or hiring a team of developers.

Growing businesses can now build beautiful, safe, secure websites that will scale with them as they grow — for free. 

A critical part of building a website is building one that converts, which requires iterations of testing. If you have a Sales Hub Enterprise or Service Hub Enterprise plan, you can now experiment to your heart’s content in a safely isolated environment using sandboxes.

Connected Platform

HubSpot’s commerce-powered CRM platform enables you to connect all your customer data in one easy and powerful place. Leave behind painfully complex platforms and pesky, proliferating point solutions. Save time and achieve better value by consolidating every customer touchpoint — from first touch to payment and beyond — in a connected platform that grows with you.
Connect your data and systems, so you can craft friction-less buying experiences for the modern day customer — while cutting your costs and complexity.

Accelerate the B2B Buying Experience

Today’s CRMs, and the business leaders who manage them, must be equipped to deliver seamless buyers’ journeys, from first interaction to transaction. 

HubSpot’s easy-to-use payments solution creates seamless, friction-free buying experiences without compromising quality or efficiency. With payments you can get paid faster and more easily using features such as recurring payments, and get valuable insights on who is paying you. The best part? All this is made possible to streamline your direct-to-customer online sales, quote-to-cash process, and customer data collection through our easy-to-use CRM. Easily create links, forms, quotes, emails with links and even paid meetings that your customers can click on to pay. 

Whenever a new quote is generated in HubSpot, payments enables buyers to accept it and enter their payment information in a single step. This means a more modern, streamlined experience for them and a simpler, faster quote-to-cash process for you. 

HubSpot payments is available in the U.S. only.

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Stop Bad Data Before It Starts

According to Harvard Business Review, only 3% of companies' data meet even basic data-quality standards. (Source)

HubSpot makes it easy to keep your customer data connected, clean, and under control, so you can be confident in your setup and make smarter decisions as you scale.

With the custom object builder, craft a customized data model with clicks, not code. With property validations, enforce consistent data entry to stop data headaches before they begin. And with the data quality command center, get insights on the health of all your data in one place. Identify stale properties, integration bottlenecks, and more.

Connected Community

Connect your community through HubSpot's ecosystem of experts and education, so professional development isn't just exercised, but celebrated.
Photo a Person Taking a HubSpot Academy Course

HubSpot Academy

Remote-first or not, people still need connection, a sense of belonging. A vibrant community thrives when those a part of it feel supported by their teams. This ideology extends past culture codes and into the classroom. 

A business’s best product is its people, and people truly shine when developing professional skills they’re passionate about. When you take a course from HubSpot Academy, you are joining 165,000+ professionals around the world who are collectively advancing their careers, their organizations, and their networks. With 100% free and unlimited access to over hundreds of topics, there is no limit to what you can learn.

Pssst ... if you’d prefer a live and interactive setting, our HubSpot User Groups give you a chance to connect with other HubSpot users and learn from our experts.

Photo of a Group of HubSpotters

HubSpot Community

Looking to join stimulating strategy conversations, dive deeper into the HubSpot product, and network with like-minded HubSpot enthusiasts? 

The HubSpot Community is your link to a world of forums, blogs, upcoming events, and dedicated growth groups. Our growing pool of members come from all walks of life, and bring with them a diverse set of skills and ideas. Get inspired and join for free today.

Already an active HubSpot Community member? Apply for our Community Champion Program, and you could be our next Champion of the Month!

Photo of Solutions Partner Program

HubSpot Services

Need an extra hand with your HubSpot initiatives this year? Our team of experts are ready to get in the trenches with you.

HubSpot Services empower you to ramp up quicker, adopt faster, integrate any of our nearly 1,200 apps with ease, and efficiently meet your objectives. Whether you’re looking to onboard or just get more out of HubSpot, our Services Team and our network of independent HubSpot Solutions Partners and Providers work with heart and mastery to make sure you never feel you’re in it alone. If you think our software is great, just wait until you work with our ecosystem of partners.

Screenshot of a HubSpot Network Profile

HubSpot Network

HubSpot’s next generation network for growth professionals is here. Introducing Connect.com, our growing community of customers, partners, and prospects. 

Showcase your professional skill set, get access to career opportunities, and seek out expert advice from our global ecosystem of HubSpot users. 

What’s in store for members? Specialized 8-week cohort learning programs, new partner accreditations, community led study groups, and so much more. Creating a profile is as easy as signing in through your HubSpot account. Try it out for yourself!

Missed Dharmesh Shah's keynote on the importance of community? Check it out here.

When CRM tools are all on one platform, companies see greater ROI from their tech stack

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What's Next

Take a look at HubSpot’s product roadmaps to see what we’re building next.

Note: The development process is filled with unexpected hurdles, so the Roadmaps are subject to change. Additionally, they don't include the entirety of our development plans.

Note: The development process is filled with unexpected hurdles, so the Roadmaps are subject to change. Additionally, they don't include the entirety of our development plans.

Note: The development process is filled with unexpected hurdles, so the Roadmaps are subject to change. Additionally, they don't include the entirety of our development plans.

Note: The development process is filled with unexpected hurdles, so the Roadmaps are subject to change. Additionally, they don't include the entirety of our development plans.

Note: The development process is filled with unexpected hurdles, so the Roadmaps are subject to change. Additionally, they don't include the entirety of our development plans.

Note: The development process is filled with unexpected hurdles, so the Roadmaps are subject to change. Additionally, they don't include the entirety of our development plans.

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