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    Rebecca Gutner is a Senior Inbound Marketing Consultant working to help businesses of all shapes and sizes get found online. Her 10 years of experience spans both the private and non-profit sectors and includes general marketing strategy, SEO and SEM, segmentation-based email marketing, and lead generation and conversion. Her consulting experience includes brands such as Walmart and Johnson & Johnson. 

    She saw the Inbound Marketing light while managing online marketing for the Sierra Club, the nation's largest grassroots environmental organization. After getting an MBA in Marketing Management at UC Berkeley, she high-tailed it to Cambridge to join the HubSpot team.

    Rebecca holds a BA from Smith College and an MBA from the University of California at Berkeley, Haas School of Business. In her down time, Rebecca loves to explore new restaurants and experiment with new recipes, followed by skiing, hiking and running to help sustain those interests.

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    Case Studies Featuring Rebecca's Customers

    Insurance Success Story: Tufts Medicare Preferred

    • Direct traffic increase by 69%
    • Increased leads by 100%

    eCommerce Success Story: In the News, Inc.

    • Increased their overall traffic by 124%
    • Generated 676% more leads

    Education Success Story : Davidson Academy

    • 738% increase in traffic
    • 146% increase in leads

    Legal Services Success Story: Unger & Kowitt, Traffic Law

    • Increased Social Media traffic by 100%
    • Increased leads by 200%