Building an Inbound Campaign

Learn the fundamentals of HubSpot’s tools and inbound marketing best practices.

Build an Inbound Campaign In Person

The Fundamentals Training is designed specifically for customers who are looking for a more hands-on, personalized HubSpot training experience. This course will lay the foundation of the inbound methodology and guide you through the process of building an inbound marketing campaign in your HubSpot tools.


per seat
  • Duration: 2 Days, 9 AM - 4:30 PM
  • Level: Beginner
  • What to Bring: Laptop
  • Language: English
  • Best For: New and existing HubSpot users looking for a refresher on the basics of inbound marketing.


  • North America
  • Europe
  • Asia
  • Australia

North America

  • October 23-24 - Cambridge, MA
  • November 6-7 - San Francisco, CA
  • November 13-14 - Chicago, IL
  • December 4-5 - Cambridge, MA
  • December 11-12 - Kirkland, WA
  • December 11-12 - Washington DC


  • October 23-24 - Madrid, ES
  • December 11-12 - Dublin, IR


Coming in 2018!


  • November 27-28 - Sydney

Course Topics:

  • Buyer Personas
  • Content Planning
  • Campaigns
  • Conversion Process
  • Contacts and Lists
  • Emails
  • Keywords
  • Blogging
  • Social Media
  • Reporting

This training does not cover the HubSpot Workflows Tool. 

Meet Our Team

  • emily-morgan.jpg
    Emily Morgan

    Emily spent the last 3 years at HubSpot both in Support and as a Customer Training specialist and has no shame in admitting she loves to nerd out with a whiteboard, coffee, and a challenging workflow.

  • aidan_mcgrath.jpg
    Aidan McGrath

    Aidan’s HubSpot career has spanned over both the Support team and the Partner Services team. He's a language nerd, loves traveling the world, and is always looking for the best food in town.

  • Sheena_chatterjee.jpg
    Sheena Chatterjee

    During her time at HubSpot on the Support and Customer Training teams, Sheena constantly strives to solve for the customer. She loves providing customers with the tools to reach that "a-ha!" moment.

  • Serena_Polverino.jpg
    Serena Polverino

    Serena is passionate about all things content and spent the last 5 years helping brands in EMEA build and optimize their content marketing strategy. In her free time she loves cooking Italian food and working on DIY projects.

Really enjoyed the training. Great way to get familiar with the tool. I'd recommend everyone do this training as close to their sign up date as possible. It was really helpful to get the big overview at the beginning.

Katie Wood

Director of Marketing

Strong Swift Durable

I feel like I am weeks if not months ahead of where I would be if I had to teach myself everything.

Pauline Nee

Honest Buildings

I liked the set up of the course and the possibility to exchange with the trainer and other attendees.

Beate Wrobel


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