Enterprise Onboarding

Comprehensive setup and guidance for advanced marketing teams.

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Integrate HubSpot seamlessly into your advanced marketing team.

Enterprise Onboarding is designed for new customers on the Enterprise software suite who want personalized implementation with advanced techniques. With the help of a Senior Implementation Specialist and Senior Customer Success Manager, you will receive dedicated guidance to ensure that HubSpot integrates into your existing marketing system.

Here's a walk through of what you'll be getting

What's Included:

  • An assigned Senior Customer Success Manager
  • An assigned Senior Implementation Specialist or equivalent Hubspot expert(s).
  • Assistance with the technical set up associated with the Enterprise HubSpot Software
  • Technical support with integrating your existing CRM or other marketing technology to HubSpot
  • Guidance on developing, managing and executing one (1) inbound marketing campaign
  • Full access to all of the HubSpot Support Team
  • Access to the abundance of resources from the HubSpot Academy Team

The HubSpotters Dedicated to your Success:

Customer Success Manager: Customer Success Managers (CSMs) guide HubSpot customers on their inbound marketing journey by determining where and how HubSpot's customers can extract increased ROI from their subscriptions. As your primary point of contact, CSMs focus on enabling marketers to transform their marketing through the use of the advanced features of the Enterprise HubSpot software. 

Implementation Specialist: Implementation Specialists (IS) act as your HubSpot project manager to make sure you have all the resources and advice you need to get started with HubSpot as quickly as possible. In addition any technical setup required, your IS will work with you to develop your first campaign designed to address your unique business and marketing objectives. This campaign development will also include any Enterprise tool-related training needed for you to be successful including A/B testing, advanced reporting & analytics and event-based marketing automation.


Justin-Headley  "The entire HubSpot family was very helpful and knowledgeable. Our Implementation Specialist is extremely passionate about her work, and she genuinely wanted myself as a marketer, as well as our entire company to succeed."

Justin Headley
Marketing Manager, CubiScan



For more details, you can also download the official services description here. 

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