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    I am passionate about transforming ideas into actions, developing a strategic process from beginning to end and defining a goal based consulting methodology. I have 15 years of experience in sales and consulting for both B2B and B2C companies.  I graduated from Bentley University with a BS in Accountancy, but found my way into technology after spending the first part of my career at PricewaterhouseCoopers.  Technology was much more appealing to me than Merger and Acquisition work, but working in professional services at a large firm provided me with an incredible foundation that I have leveraged throughout my career.

    I have experience working with diverse, cross-functional teams (engineering, operations, account management, finance, sales, sales operations, marketing and product management) in a variety of industries with success. I have managed both internal and external personnel with meticulous organization, but have found that it is incredibly important to be flexible, making room for the necessary changes that can and do crop up. I approach every project with the utmost enthusiasm. My enthusiasm is paired with the confidence and optimism that the job will always get done well. My philosopy is that great consultants have passion for their work and their customers, bring tremendous energy to an engagement, encourage decision making, experimentation, strategic thinking and team work. 

    Outside of the office, I love golf, skiing, surfing, cycling, concerts of any kind and I ride a Ducati Monster to the office every chance that I can.  I have a 4 year old daughter and being a mom that she can be proud of is the most important job I have ever had.  I like to think I have found a solid balance between my family/friends while performing at a high level as a professional.

    Experience at HubSpot

    As a consultant, it is my role to facilitate a seamless transition between the close of the sale, the implementation stage and the hand-off to the Account Management team. I approach this role as an educator and trusted advisor to my customers. We work together to develop a goal based roll-out plan to bring even the most novice inbound marketer to the point where they are tactically proficient using the HubSpot software, can leverage inbound marketing best practices and feel confident deploying their marketing campaigns and collateral.  It is a data driven approach that yields results.  

    On the Enterprise Services team, we take pride in creating marketing superstars and building relationships with happy customers. I work with our Enterprise level accounts.  In many cases, I work with big brands that you'd recognize.

    I work with my customers on a weekly basis to develop their inbound marketing strategy.  This can include website optimization, premium content development, persona development, lead generation activities, how to work inbound leads and much more.  We will leverage industry standard best practices, data derived from 7 years worth of HubSpot research and experimentation, as well as, the knowledge I have acquired from previous customer engagements.  

    I also work on custom consulting engagements. The scope of these projects can vary from tactical deployment of HubSpot software to Sales and Marketing alignment. The custom engagements that I work on can run the gamut of marketing related activities and is developed specifically with each company's goals in mind.

    I work with customers who are looking to drive qualified traffic to their site, leverage the power of that traffic by converting those visitors to leads and ultimately increase their customer base by closing more business at a lower cost.  Much of this is driven by leading customers down the right publication paths to gain visibility to their content.  This is achieved through use of social media channels, education around blogging for business and experimenting with marketing practices that are outside of their traditional comfort zone.

    Strategic consulting sessions are used to educate about inbound marketing best practices, brainstorm ideas in the context of your business and identify the most efficient ways to deploy your campaigns to get you the results you need.

    My methodology is simple. Develop a strategy for content development, lead generation and sales funnel acceleration.  Use tools that allow for flexibility, scalability, testing and provide analytics to measure successes and failures. Create great content that your prospects want to consume and share.  Always add value by solving problems or addressing pain points for your prospects and publish everything you have, everywhere that you can.

    Strategy development, goal establishment and a timeline for deployment are critical to my customer's success. 

    What Melanie's Customer's Think

    “And Mel – well…what can I say? I want to download your brain and take enough Ritalin to work 24/7 for a few days to implement all the great ideas and techniques you taught us.” - Geoff Tucker, Alere Wellbeing

    "Mel Faria is the bomb! So knowledgeable. So great to work with." - PGi

    "Our consultant, Mel, made sure to cover the topics that we felt were of greatest importance. She took time to learn our company and our company's needs and showed us how we can utilize Hubspot to reach our short-term and long-term goals while making herself available for individual training." - PGi

    "Mel is awesome because she's a straight shooter. I don't want BS -- I want someone to tell me what I can and can't do with HubSpot. She does just that." - ADP

    "I loved that Mel brought not only HubSpot but terrific ideas on Marketing in general." - Mohawk

    Melanie and her team were great. They answered all questions and were able to cater to our needs perfectly." - Mohawk

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