Migrate To HubSpot with Advanced Onboarding

What to expect

Migrating to HubSpot

Learn more about the typical timeline and process for migrating from your current marketing platform onto HubSpot. What should you expect in terms of timing? And who will be responsible for which tasks?


Week 1

Kickoff and Planning

Meet your HubSpot team and get started on your migration. Your consultants will learn more about your current setup, your priorities, and what you're hoping to do in HubSpot in your first 90 days. Your HubSpot team will build you a customized project plan to guide you through your migration and implementation phase.

You'll send us a list of the 25 landing pages and 3 email templates you'd like our team to rebuild, and our team will get to work. This process typically takes 2-4 weeks


Week 2-3

Basic Setup, Integrations, and Strategic Planning

While our team works on your content, you'll work with your Technical Consultant on setting up the basics of your HubSpot account as outlined in your project plan. 

You'll also work to set up any integrations - especially your CRM integration - that your team needs. Again, your TC is here to help you through this process.

Begin conversations with your Inbound Consultant about what was working well in your previous system, and what wasn't. Discuss opportunities to improve your process and workflow, and how to weave Inbound Strategy into what your team is doing today. 


Week 4-5

Review and Configure Content

Once your landing pages and emails are ready, work with both of your consultants to review the content our team has created. Your consultants will help you learn how to set up any automated processes such as follow-up emails to your leads, nurturing sequences, or email alerts. Once everything is ready, we'll help you take everything live.


Week 6-7

Finalize Integration & Go Live

Make sure your integration is ready to rumble, and take it live with your Tech Consultant. Now that your web leads are flowing through HubSpot, we'll make sure you're able to route them to the right team.

Before your go-live, work with your HubSpot team to test your setup, embed any forms you need on your website, and finalize your content. When you're ready, take everything live!


Week 8 to Finish

Optimize and Learn

Now that you're up and running on HubSpot, it's time to dig in and take advantage of all it has to offer. Work with your consultants to build and launch new campaigns, set up your portal for good data collection and reporting, and learn about all the tools you have at your disposal with HubSpot. 

  • The short answer is: it depends..

    How long it takes to get your current marketing functions up and running on HubSpot will depend mainly on how much you are planning to move to HubSpot, and how much time your team can devote to the project. We see the average migration take about 4-6 weeks. The good news is we can take some of the load of your team with our Advanced Onboarding package


  • What we'll do for you:
    The HubSpot team will recreate up to 25 landing pages and 3 email templates from your current system, in your new HubSpot portal. We'll work with you to decide if the pages should be designed based off your current landing pages, or if we should build templates to match your main website.

    What we'll do together:
    Your HubSpot team will build you a custom project plan to outline the steps you'll take to get fully up-and-running on HubSpot. We'll help your team through this plan with a series of trainings and video meetings. Through this time, your team will not only be empowered to fully setup HubSpot, but you'll also learn how to use all the tools you'll need to run your marketing program. 

  • Here's exactly what we'll build for you:

    • A set of landing page templates based off of either your main website, or one of your existing landing page designs (you'll provide us the URL of the design you want to use, and we'll build a set of matching templates)
    • Up to 25 Landing Pages. These will be built using the templates mentioned above.
    • Up to 3 different email templates (based on HTML files you provide)
  • We find this typically takes about 2-4 weeks to fully complete. Once done we'll review it with you and work with you to take it live.
  • While we are striving to make the process of moving to HubSpot as painless as possible, there are some types of pages that we aren't able to recreate for you. Generally, when we think of landing pages, we think of pages that are hosted separately from your main website (on a subdomain), and are simple pages that present an offer, and a form to request that offer. 

    Our process works such that our team will create a set of templates with one central design theme that matches your website's style. We create these templates with a standard set of layouts, so in order to migrate your landing pages, it needs to fit into one of the layouts we create. Please see below for the layouts we do normally create, and if you have questions, consult your Sales Rep.


    Landing Page
    1 FULL WIDTH LP Template
    Landing Page
    1 Two Column Right LP Template
    Landing Page
    1 Two Column Equal LP Template
    Landing Page
    1 Three Column LP Template
    Site Page
    1 Full Width Template
    Site Page
    1 Two Column Right Template
    Site Page
    1 Two Column Equal Template
    Site Page
    1 Three Column Template
    1 Blog Template
    Custom Header
    1 Header with Menu
    Custom Header
    1 Header Without Menu
    Custom Footer
    1 Custom Footer