Marketing Hub Advanced Onboarding

Get advanced, in-depth technical and strategic guidance on using Marketing Hub to grow your business. With an onboarding plan customized to your company, goals, software, and tech stack, we’re here to help you—every step of the way.

Who chooses Marketing Hub Advanced Onboarding?

Advanced Onboarding is designed for new customers on HubSpot Marketing Hub Professional or Marketing Hub Enterprise who have more sophisticated business needs. This package is ideally suited to customers who require:

  • Additional technical help for data migrations, and defining custom integrations between HubSpot and their sales and marketing stack
  • Advice on creating advanced strategies for implementing complex use cases in HubSpot
  • Consulting beyond best practices by working to develop new tactics and strategies for their marketing and sales teams
  • A higher-touch service with more frequent interactions
  • Additional focus on deployment readiness and long term planning
  • Deliverable documentation to help with internal communications

What’s included in Marketing Hub Advanced Onboarding?

During the first 90 days, your onboarding specialist will assist you in setting up the technical components of HubSpot and any systems integrations, while guiding you to incorporate inbound techniques into your marketing and sales programs. Your onboarding specialist will collaborate to create a customized project plan to get you fully up and running, completely integrated, and comfortable executing in your HubSpot software. Your onboarding specialist’s plan will include topics like:

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 What's offered
How your data lives in HubSpot

Lead capture and conversion paths

Segmenting your data

Email marketing

Traffic and website analytics

Content strategy

Automated lead nurturing and internal lead assignment setup

Campaign setup, analysis, and custom reporting

Technical consulting

Consulting to migrate/import data from your CRM

Advanced HubSpot tool tactics

Advice on implementation and use of native/3rd-party integrations

Business strategy consulting

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See a week-by-week breakdown of our advanced onboarding approach.

The entire HubSpot family was very helpful and knowledgeable. Our Inbound Consultant is extremely passionate about her work, and she genuinely wanted myself as a marketer, as well as our entire company, to succeed.

Justin Headley

Marketing Manager


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