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    Jared Brewer, Customer Success Manager

    Your CSM connects you with the resources you need to leverage the HubSpot platform and reviews your account to help you develop a strategy.

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Designed to help startup businesses get value from HubSpot as quickly as possible.


Hit the ground running with HubSpot.

Startup Onboarding is designed to help startup businesses get value from HubSpot as quickly as possible. Set your marketing plans in motion with guidance from a Customer Success Manager, learning resources, and actionable projects. The Startup Onboarding plan is engineered for startups with limited time and resources, efficiently teaching you how to use the HubSpot software to attract qualified visitors to your website, convert those visitors into leads, close leads into customers and delight those customers into promoters of your business.

What's Included

  • A Startup Onboarding Plan
  • Assistance with inbound and product questions from a Startup Specialist
  • Assistance with the technical set up associated with the HubSpot Software

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Setting: Remote

Level: All Levels

Legal Description

HubSpot's services have been a huge reason for our marketing success. As a startup, it was important that we hit the ground running when we started using HubSpot. HubSpot's onboarding professionals and tech support helped us transition and launch our campaigns while we got up to speed on the robust toolbox that HubSpot offers. Thanks to their attentive, dedicated support teams, we didn't miss a beat in our communication with new and existing contacts

Dave Longwell

Director of Marketing

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