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Your Customer Success Team

We're here to help you grow—every step of the way.

A Team of Customer Success Managers Working Collaboratively to Drive Your Success

HubSpot’s team-based customer success approach is designed to provide you with quick and specialized assistance. Because we value your time, you can expect us to get back to you quickly. Because your business presents unique challenges, we’ll leverage our flexibility and specialization across the team to align you with the best solution.
Our North America Customer Success Team consists of US-based and Colombia-based professionals who are trained and prepared to work with you, solve for your business needs, and help you grow better.

NAM Customer Success Team


Our purpose is to help you keep growing by:

  • Serving as your main point of contact for all strategic and account-related inquiries
  • Connecting you with the right resources internally and externally to ensure your growth and success with HubSpot
  • Working with you to leverage your subscription to its full potential

The best way of connecting with our team is via our shared e-mail inbox at customersuccessteam@hubspot.com. This allows us to quickly assess your question, collaborate with multiple members of our team, and provide you the fastest and highest-quality information available.

Here’s to your continued growth!

What's the difference between HubSpot Support and the Customer Success Team?

HubSpot Support specializes in technical troubleshooting questions and can be reached 24/7 through the help button in the bottom right corner of your portal. The Customer Success Team specializes in high-level strategy and best practices and can be reached through the form below.