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Marketing Hub Fundamentals

Implement the inbound methodology and HubSpot Marketing Hub tools to attract, engage, and delight new contacts and customers.

Course Information

  • Duration: 3 days, 7hs/day - including 1h break for lunch
  • Delivery: Virtual
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  • Format: Small group with other companies
  • Price: per person

Who this Course is Best For

  • Role: Marketing professionals who are responsible for growing website traffic.
  • Subscription: Marketing Professional, Marketing Enterprise
  • Prerequisites: None

2024 Dates

Eastern Time (New York):

April 16-18: 9am-4pm

July 16-18: 10am-5pm

November 5-7: 10am-5pm



Greenwich Mean Time (Dublin):

May 21-23: 9am - 4pm

Australian Eastern Daylight Time (Sydney):

June 4-6: 9am - 4pm

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Course Details

  • You’ll learn to use HubSpot to:

    • Interpret website analytics to maximize your time and budget
    • Expand audience reach by targeting each phase of your ideal customer’s buying process through content creation
    • Increase ranking by organizing content pages to promote topic-based SEO
    • Create and optimize lead generation and conversion strategies
    • Segment your database for more targeted marketing
    • Build campaigns to aggregate and report on common marketing efforts
    • Plan your automated nurturing strategy and design workflows that better grow relationships with your contacts
    • Construct and optimize emails to better engage with and delight your contacts
      Analyze your nurturing strategy
    • Understanding and interpreting web metrics and goals
    • Developing and implementing your Buyer Persona
    • Mapping out your Buyer’s Journey and aligning content to the three stages
    • Intro to SEO and the Topic Cluster Strategy
    • Identifying and incentivizing content offers to prompt conversion
    • Intro to the Conversion Path
    • Building and optimizing forms, landing pages, CTAs, and campaigns
    • Lead Nurturing Strategies and Use Cases
    • Intro to the workflows tool (enrollment, unenrollment, actions, timeline types)
    • Advanced workflow tactics (data management, branching logic, cloning)
    • Email Optimization
  • Each HubSpot training course is equipped with plenty of activities to help you apply what you have learned and keep you engaged from beginning to end. In this training course, you'll go through activities that will help you:

    • Analyze various reports and metrics
    • Develop a Buyer Persona
    • Build a Topic Cluster to enhance your SEO authority
    • Analyze pillar page best practices
    • Develop a Buyer's Journey
    • Design Forms
    • Create custom properties
    • Build landing pages
    • Organize campaigns
    • Create automated workflows
    • Design marketing emails


  • We design each HubSpot training to help you gain experience in your Marketing Hub tools as quickly and easily. In this particular training you will see demos in the following areas:

    • Website Sources Reporting
    • Property customization
    • HubSpot's SEO tool to build a topic cluster
    • On-Page SEO in the Blogging tool
    • Page Performance
    • Forms
    • Landing Pages
    • CTAs
    • Lists
    • Campaigns
    • Workflow Enrollment, Actions, Goals, Suppressions, Advanced Logic, and Timelines
    • Email

Cancellation Policy

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    Our Trainers are Here to Help

    You’ll love the hands-on approach of every training. A dedicated HubSpot professional will guide you through your marketing tools and strategies. Each trainer is engaging, talented, and, most importantly, here to help you reach your full potential as a HubSpot user.
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  • The Trainers were exceptional: Extremely knowledgeable, upbeat and supportive. The material covered all the right areas and the examples were spot on.


    Founder/Senior Consultant


  • You get much more than if you had just scanned through the documentation online. It was an excellent use of my time, even after taking it before. Great job. I honestly wouldn't change anything. Thanks!


    Senior Director of Marketing

    The Energy Project

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