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Marketing Hub: Nurture Leads

Turn leads into customers by automatically sending consistent, personalized email content at exactly the right time.

Course Information

Who this Course is Best For

2021 Dates

Pacific Time Options:

  • July 29 
  • August 25 
  • September 29

Mountain Time Options:

  • June 29
  • August 3, 12, 16
  • September 15, 22

Central Time Options:

  • June 24
  • July 1, 22
  • August 18 
  • September 24

Eastern Time Options:

  • July 14
  • August 5
  • September 10, 17

Central European Time Options:

  • June 21
  • July 20
  • August 3

Greenwich Mean Time Options:

  • June 30
  • July 15, 27
  • August 24 
  • September 9, 21 


Singapore Time Options:

  • July 14

Hong Kong Time Options: 

  • August 20

Australian Eastern Time Options:

  • July 28
  • August 25
  • September 15

New Zealand Time Options:

  • September 8

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Course Details

  • You’ll learn to use HubSpot to:

    • Create emails enriched with personalization and adaptable “smart” content 
    • Optimize open and click rates by reviewing analytics and conducting A/B testing
    • Automatically send nurturing emails to promote events, educate customers, and build brand reputation
    • Seamlessly move leads in and out of relevant nurturing workflows using goal triggers and enrollment triggers
    • Add additional workflow features, such as conditional if/then branching, bulk property updates, and internal notifications
  • Lead Nurturing Strategy

    • Intro to lead nurturing
    • Example lead nurturing strategies
    • Develop a lead nurturing goal


    Lead Nurturing Automation

    • Intro to the workflows tool
    • Enrolling contacts in workflows
    • Testing enrollment logic
    • Understanding timeline types
    • Adding email & delay actions to your workflow
    • Using the workflow “goal” feature


    Advanced Workflow Tactics

    • Bulk updating property information
    • Building if/then branches
    • Using the “go to action” feature
    • Cloning and moving workflow actions
    • Commenting on workflows


    Marketing Email Optimization

    • Understanding automated and regular emails
    • Customizing emails with personalization tokens
    • Performing A/B tests
    • Testing and previewing emails
    • Filtering unengaged contacts
    • Create an email in the drag & drop builder
  • Each HubSpot training course is equipped with plenty of activities to help you apply what you have learned and keep you engaged from beginning to end. In this training course, you'll go through activities that will help you:

    • Set goals for your lead nurturing
    • Accurately build logic to enroll just the right records in your HubSpot workflows
    • Suppress leads from your workflow at the apropriate time
    • Select the right actions and format for your workflows timeline
    • Implement branching logic and utilize the wider library of workflow actions. 
    • Leverage your email performance
    • Use the drag and drop email editor
    • Conceptualize your own business's workflow
  • We design each HubSpot training to help you gain experience in your Marketing Hub tools as quickly and easily. In this particular training you will see demos in the following areas:

    • Workflows (HubSpot's automation tool)
    • Enrollment logic
    • Suppression rules
    • Workflow Actions
    • Timeline Types
    • Branching Logic
    • Marketing Email Performance
    • Marketing Email Editor

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    You’ll love the hands-on approach of every training. A dedicated HubSpot professional will guide you through your marketing tools and strategies. Each trainer is engaging, talented, and, most importantly, here to help you reach your full potential as a HubSpot user.
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  • The Trainers were exceptional: Extremely knowledgeable, upbeat and supportive. The material covered all the right areas and the examples were spot on.


    Founder/Senior Consultant


  • You get much more than if you had just scanned through the documentation online. It was an excellent use of my time, even after taking it before. Great job. I honestly wouldn't change anything. Thanks!


    Senior Director of Marketing

    The Energy Project

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