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HubSpot Training: Sales Hub Fundamentals

Sales Hub Fundamentals

During this one-day training, you will be given the tactics and instruction necessary to define your sales process using HubSpot CRM and Sales Hub. You will leave with not only an understanding of how to use HubSpot Sales tools but also ways to enable your sales team to accelerate growth.


per seat

Duration: 1 Day, 9 AM-4:30 PM
Level: Beginner
Language: English or Spanish
Best For:
Individuals responsible for...

  • Defining internal sales processes and operations
  • Reporting on performance
  • Utilizing HubSpot Sales Hub for identifying, managing leads, and closing new business

Training is best suited for Sales Hub Professional and Enterprise subscriptions, as they will be able to access all the tools covered in the demos, best practices, and activities in training.


  • North America
  • Europe
  • Asia
  • Oceania

North America

  • July 14 - Virtual (Pacific Standard Time)
  • July 23 - Virtual (Mountain Standard Time)
  • August 11 - Virtual (Eastern Standard Time)


  • July 22 - Virtual (Central European Time)
  • October 13 - Virtual (Central European Time) - Taught in German


Coming Soon! 


  • July 21 - Virtual (Australian Eastern Standard Time)
  • August 18 - Virtual (Australian Eastern Standard Time)

Course Topics:

  • Evaluating Your Sales Process
  • CRM Records & Properties
  • Filters & Saved Views
  • Tasks & Queues
  • Deal Stages & Records
  • Deal Automation
  • Products & Quotes
  • Templates & Sequences
  • Snippets & Playbooks
  • Documents & Meetings
  • Dashboards
  • Analytics Tools
  • Custom Reports

Meet Our Team

  • emily-morgan.jpg

    Emily Morgan

    Emily spent the last 3 years at HubSpot both in Support and as a Customer Training specialist and has no shame in admitting she loves to nerd out with a whiteboard, coffee, and a challenging workflow.

  • David Chaves

    David Chaves

    David joined HubSpot's Localization team in 2016. After two and a half years, he became a Customer Training Specialist to help customers all over the world grow better. He loves food, very cold beer, books, and the beach.

  • dsc01565 (1)

    Kendra Ring

    Kendra has a background in Marketing and was a Hubspot customer before she joined the team in 2017. She loves problem solving, whether that be helping a customer find a solution to a tricky problem or playing one of her favorite strategic board games (especially cooperative games!)

  • Erica Agrodnia

    Erica Agrodnia

    Erica's been supporting Agency Partners and customers on the Partner Services team since 2016. She loves helping customer problem solve and utilize HubSpot to grow better! She loves being outdoors hiking or snowboarding.

  • Serena Polverino

    Serena Polverino

    Serena is passionate about all things content and loves helping brands optimize their content marketing strategy and grow their business with HubSpot tools. In her free time she loves cooking Italian food and working on DIY projects.

  • HSHeadshot923-TheDangerBooth-82

    Liz Coralli

    When it comes to empowering customers to succeed, Liz is a zealot. She's enthusiastic about problem-solving and is always up for a lively strategizing session. When she's not in the classroom, you'll likely find her exploring a new city, getting lost in the woods, or doling out high fives.

  • Shane Wiley

    Shane Wiley

    Shane began her HubSpot career in 2018 coming from another Customer Training role in Charleston, SC. She loves meeting customers and learning about all the different use cases. In her spare time she’s hanging with Duck and Bear (her cats), traveling, and/or eating Smartfood popcorn.

  • Screen Shot 2017-04-05 at 4.47.33 PM (1)

    Kelby Ledford

    Kelby joined the HubSpot sales team in 2017, shortly after she joined the partner team to support some of HubSpot's best solutions partners. She considers herself a sales process guru and enjoys being able to see customers set and attain their goals. When she's not changing a business one HubSpot portal at a time, you can find her watching a sunset or playing volleyball with friends.

  • Screenshot 2020-01-13 at 16.49.05

    Natashe Oliveira

    Natashe (The ’Na’ and ‘e’ are silent) became a Hubspotter in the New Year of 2020. Whether it’s training street dogs in Brazil or a Silicon Valley Giant in California, Tash has applied her patience to her passion in helping where she can, however she can. Her superpowers include photosynthesis and making popcorn and sushi disappear.

  • IMG_6216-1

    Casey McGaw

    Casey has been working with customers at HubSpot since 2016. She loves helping people have lightbulb moments as they grow and scale their businesses, along with being outside, and hanging out with her dogs, Scooby and Waffle.

  • Katie-Wood-optimized.jpg
    Really enjoyed the training. Great way to get familiar with the tool. I'd recommend everyone do this training as close to their sign up date as possible. It was really helpful to get the big overview at the beginning.

    Katie Wood

    Director of Marketing

    Strong Swift Durable

  • Screen_Shot_2016-08-12_at_6.27.20_PM-1.png
    I feel like I am weeks if not months ahead of where I would be if I had to teach myself everything.

    Pauline Nee

    Honest Buildings

  • Super impressed with the power of Hubspot. The training left me feeling excited and empowered to get started right away.

    Kim Rowell


  • BeateWrobel.jpeg
    I liked the set up of the course and the possibility to exchange with the trainer and other attendees.

    Beate Wrobel


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