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Work with a dedicated HubSpot consultant to achieve your goals using the HubSpot software.

What’s Included With One-time Inbound Consulting

With one-time inbound consulting, along with your Customer Success resource, you’ll have a dedicated Inbound Consultant who will listen to your goals, and design a plan to get you where you want to be. Whether you need help with marketing, sales, or customer service, our Inbound Consultants will guide you in achieving your tool- or strategy-based goals.

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Some sample projects (your consultant will customize your engagement):

  • Your Inbound Consultant will conduct a high-level review of your account, including typical key areas of the tool, plus any specific areas of interest to your team. Once complete, your consultant will review their findings with you and provide recommendations – a combination of low-hanging fruit and longer-term opportunities.

    Typical topics covered include:

    • Offline review of your current account setup
    • Discussion of current business priorities
    • Present recommendations for specific follow-up projects/tactics
  • Work with an Inbound Consultant to help define your sales process on HubSpot, and ensure your team takes full advantage of HubSpot sales tools. We will guide you through process planning, best practices, and team adoption to ensure your sales process matches the buyer's journey and the way your team likes to sell. 

    Typical topics covered include:

    • Discovery of your current process and key areas of improvement
    • CRM setup and best practices
    • Marketing-to-Sales handoff best practices
    • Deal stage discussion and recommendations
    • Recommendations on sales rep workflows
    • Discussion of reporting and analytics tools, and sales measurement
  • This project is designed for customers who may have struggled recently with email performance, or are looking for ways to improve their already high-performing emails. You’ll work together with an Inbound Consultant to develop a deep understanding of how to segment your contacts, and craft emails that inspire action. 

    Typical topics covered include: 

    • Discovery of your current email practices and key areas of improvement
    • Discussion of your customers’ buying process
    • Recommendations on segmentation strategies and tactics
    • Guidance on improving open and click rates
    • Discussion of how email fits into your overall selling process

For a full list of topics our consultants can help with, see here.

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Setting: Remote

Duration: 4 hours over 90 days

Inbound Consulting: 4 Hour

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